Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Signs I'm getting older

I seriously tweaked the muscle on my right shoulder while reaching to remove a sales flyer off the windshield of the car parked next to me. The driver hadn't noticed the 8x11 sheet of paper pinned underneath the windshield wiper of her car but junk flyers and pamphlets are all too common of an occurrence while our cars are parked in the lot all day.

I've developed a habit to look for those annoying things before I get in my car and drive off with papers flapping on my windshield (then I feel like an absolute dork). So I stopped the driver of the car next to me before she pulled out of her space and reached over to pull off the flyer and I felt it--a pinch on my trapezius. How the heck?!

She graciously thanked me and admitted she didn't even see the flyer before driving off as I succumbed to the idea that I must be getting older if I can't do a simple thing like that without hurting myself. I wondered if the person who put the flyer on her car tweak their shoulder too.

Well reaching over the windshield of my compact car is different ... she did have a humongous SUV. I rest my case.

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