Friday, June 13, 2008

Shower for Tiffany

Hard to believe it's been almost a week since my husband and I were in CA for a bridal shower. I had little sleep from a late night out with my friends the night before, the four hour drive felt longer than usual. Luckily I had the company of John , beef jerky and my laptop.

The moment we were in Fallbrook where friends and family gathered at the beautiful home of Aunt Dorothy, I forgot how tired I was. My husband's mom, Maggie, had been there since morning with aunt Maryanne and Dorothy, our cousins Lizzie and Franny, and Natania--all worked diligently in the morning to make favors and the delicious spread of food.
IMG_1609 IMG_1611
Tiffany, the bride-to-be was as gorgeous as ever. The big day will be in November.
Natania is already an expert at throwing showers. She did a fabulous job on the favors (pictured below). Franny is pictured below on the right preparing a basket of scriptures tied to a glass basketweave heart ornament. Friend, Cassandra (in red) sat next to me.
CIMG8401 IMG_1604
There were deviled eggs, tea sandwiches, fresh strawberries and cream, lemon tarts, fine chocolates shipped from Belgium, and plenty of champagne and punch to wash it all down.
Aunt Maryanne is the glowing mother of the groom.
Sweet aunt Dorothy celebrate her retirement from years of service in teaching. However, there's no taking it slow for her; she was always up and about during the shower opening champagne bottles and washing dishes.
We played games and ate before the opening of the gifts. I tell ya--Tiffany made out like a bandit! There was nothing left on her registry for the wedding...LOL!!
Alas, it was time to part ways for Maggie and I had an hour and half drive up north to Corona Del Mar where we'll join with the guys in time for dinner with Grandma and aunt Jan.

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