Friday, June 13, 2008


After Tiffany's bridal shower, Maggie and I drove north towards Grandma and aunt Jan's home where we'll meet our husbands for dinner. After hugs and kisses, the first thing I'm greeted with a drink. This time a Scarlet Margarita made with pomegranate juice.
CIMG8408_shaved_cat CIMG8407_shaved_cat
I wandered to the garden to enjoy my drink underneath the setting sun while aunt Jan coaxes Miss Cleo from the garden so I can have a look at her new haircut in person.

Leo, as Grandma calls her since the Lion Cut, was hesitant to come too close for fear that aunt Jan may take her inside for the night--a routine she is very familiar with and thus she was not quite ready to call it a night!

Inside a feast was prepared and tabled; grilled chicken with homemade salsa, fresh salad, caramalized onions and peppers, and smoked beans for dinner.
We toasted to my husband's birthday and he unwrapped his presents, tikis for his collection. And then...the creme brulee birthday cake. We each had our own but without the candle. It was so delicious and not so sweet--just the way I like it except I was so stuffed from dinner I barely ate half. Such a crime, I know.
CIMG8416_John with tikis CIMG8422_creme__brulee
The next morning we had a breakfast of fresh fruit, bacon and grandma's homemade bran muffins. They were the best I've ever had; fluffy and not so sweet. I ate TWO; I always gorge when I visit. I can't help it because everything is always piping hot and YUMMY!
CIMG8428_shaved cat
CIMG8425_fruit salad CIMG8430_shaved cat
And then we were one the road, my husband, his dad and I. Maggie stayed beyond to spend several more days. I wish I could have stayed behind for more days of pampering but we had so much to do at home. Grandma and aunt Jan are tireless with their hospitality and generosity. Visiting with them is always a pleasure and the getaway we needed from our hectic lives.

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