Monday, June 30, 2008

Palms Pool and Pho Kim Long Sunday

Our friends were in town from California for a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party so we made plans to hang by the pool with them on Sunday.
Soon we were lounging by the Palms Pool with a bucket of ice-cold beer.
Palms_Casino (2)
My husband and Chris have known each other for half of their lives. Rebecca is a sweetheart (and Chris' sweetie).
Palms_Casino (4)
The temperature was very warm and the air was absolutely still. I had to have something to cool off and an extra tall glass of margarita worked perfectly!
Palms_Casino (5)
We were out by the pool for several hours before checking out Chris and Rebecca's suite. The dizzying view of the pool down below was nearly enough to give me a nose bleed.
Palms_Casino (6)
I much preferred to stare straight ahead at the beautiful Las Vegas skyline.
Palms_Casino (7)
Then it was time to leave the kiddies to enjoy their room .
Palms_Casino (8)
We were starving when we left the casino and ready to eat something satisfying so we stopped by our favorite place for Vietnamese soup at Pho Kim Long (your read that right ).
Pho Kim Long

Pho Kim Long
The spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce make an excellent appetizer.
Pho Kim Long
Even though I think about trying something different, Pho Kim Long specializes in this soup so I ended up ordering the combination bowl.
Pho Kim Long
I almost ate the whole bowl, it was so pho-king good!! (That's not ketchup, that's hot sauce.)

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