Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Love is a vegavitamin

Every weekday morning I make a protein shake for breakfast before dashing off to the office. My shake is very plain; just non-fat milk and chocolate-flavored protein powder (I never seem to get bored of it either). Simple compared to my husband's breakfast which he whips together in a blender every morning: a melody of fresh strawberries and bananas, protein powder, performance drink, yogurt and so many cubes of ice (he has his recipe down pat).

He always offers me a cup and, even though his breakfast is very good, I've always stuck with my shake; only tasting his. I can't put a finger on why I don't take him up on his offer. Maybe because I know it must be a lot of work to make his shake and I would feel guilty freeloading off of him when I can mix my shake with a hand blender in just a few seconds.

Last week I was zipping around the house during my morning routine, getting ready for work. My last stop was the kitchen to fill up my coffee mug and make my protein shake. The moment I entered the kitchen my husband handed me a shake he had made, stopping me in my tracks, and a multi-vitamin (which I absolutely hate taking but it's important to him that I do).

There was no complaint from me that morning. I happily swallowed my vitamin with a big gulp of protein smoothie. These little things that he always does unconditionally and spontaneously, is why I love my sweetie.

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johnny said...

Wow honey, that was sweet. It is no big deal and you know I would make you breakfast every morning. I love ya, hope your day is great.