Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm So Sore

Last year I picked up a DVD set called P90X because I needed a change in my workout routine. I went to the gym regularly but wasn't seeing the results I had worked diligently for. The P90X program was great; my husband and I followed the meal plan and workouts. Within two weeks we saw physical results. (I must warn that the cardio routines are best suited for those who exercise regularly. Even then, I had a tough time keeping up with the cardio workout but it was a challenge for me to finish the hour-long video.)

Life interfered, or shall I say summer came and the holidays passed. We stopped using the P90X DVDs and I packed on ten pounds (thus my Losing 10 blog). I've since shedded 7 pounds (actually) on my own through eating cleaner and exercising regularly. But lately, as much as I love the convenience of having a gym at my place of work and the stair stepper I could be found sweating profusely at around 11:30 a.m., I was getting bored of my workout routine.

Saturday I decided to pop in the motherload of the P90X videos, Plyometrics. 30-seconds of each move that replicate basketball and football maneuvers. Lot of jumps (to get the heart rate up) and squats to tone. Oh yeah...I stuck with 40 minutes of it within my Zone 4 target heart rate doing moves that challenged my body.

The next day I was sore. Too sore to even bend over and touch my toes but that's okay since I was only going to lounge by the pool all afternoon. It was nice to have my time in the gym pay off a little bit.
Palms_Casino (5)

Today, Monday, two days later--my bums and thighs are still sore. I gave up working out during my lunch hour to get a manicure and pedicure and thought I would do the Kenpo X video tonight (assuming the soreness would go away. I even drank a recovery drink after my workout!). The minute I got home and sat big bum down on our big comfy couch...that was the end of the night for me. I rarely got up, my husband brought dinner to me and picked up my dishes...LOL.

All I have to say is that Plyometrics video is FANTASTIC!! Perhaps next time I'll ease into it with a not-so-butt-busting video. I'm hoping the soreness will go away tomorrow so I can get one more workout in before the Malibu Strings promotion event my husband and I helped to put on.

Tripppleberrry Wheat Beer

There's a brewery in Lake Havasu, AZ called Barley Brothers Brewery and Grill where I love to eat at whenever my husband and I visit the city. Built in July of 1997, this establishment has a comfortable atmosphere, waterfront view, and they brew one of our favorite beers--the Tripppleberrry Wheat, a Havasu favorite. This pastel wheat beer has hints of cranberries, blueberries, and raspberries. YUM!!

2006_06_20_Lake_Havasu (25)

Served chilled, it's refreshing and light enough to go with an ooey-gooey calzone or piping hot pizza.

2006_06_20_Lake_Havasu (26)

They also offer a wheel sample, each 3 oz. glass filled with their award winning brews so I could have a taste of everything.

2006_06_20_Lake_Havasu (31)

You can take home any of your favorite brews in a half-gallon or gallon sized souvenir glass container (like we always do and bring back for refills).

The Tripppleberrry Wheat will always get three thumbs up from me !!

Hello Kitties

When I come home, I like to sit back and check my e-mails or blog to unwind. Our calico cat, Havi, sits by me (always). She nurses on me, kneading one of my vulnerable places (my tummy flab). When she's satisfied, she'll lean on me, right over my arm so I have limited use of it--as if to hint that SHE wants attention. Off to the side, Elgy grooms herself before coming to sit on my other side. These are my girls and what we love to do together each evening.
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Palms Pool and Pho Kim Long Sunday

Our friends were in town from California for a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party so we made plans to hang by the pool with them on Sunday.
Soon we were lounging by the Palms Pool with a bucket of ice-cold beer.
Palms_Casino (2)
My husband and Chris have known each other for half of their lives. Rebecca is a sweetheart (and Chris' sweetie).
Palms_Casino (4)
The temperature was very warm and the air was absolutely still. I had to have something to cool off and an extra tall glass of margarita worked perfectly!
Palms_Casino (5)
We were out by the pool for several hours before checking out Chris and Rebecca's suite. The dizzying view of the pool down below was nearly enough to give me a nose bleed.
Palms_Casino (6)
I much preferred to stare straight ahead at the beautiful Las Vegas skyline.
Palms_Casino (7)
Then it was time to leave the kiddies to enjoy their room .
Palms_Casino (8)
We were starving when we left the casino and ready to eat something satisfying so we stopped by our favorite place for Vietnamese soup at Pho Kim Long (your read that right ).
Pho Kim Long

Pho Kim Long
The spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce make an excellent appetizer.
Pho Kim Long
Even though I think about trying something different, Pho Kim Long specializes in this soup so I ended up ordering the combination bowl.
Pho Kim Long
I almost ate the whole bowl, it was so pho-king good!! (That's not ketchup, that's hot sauce.)

Havi and Elgy-Time

This weekend I'm actually glad I have no plans. Nowhere to go and nothing to do...except clean house and hang with the kitties.
Here Havi tries to get the boat keys. Sorry baby girl, don't think you can back the trailer down by yourself.
So she gave up and took a nap by the windowsill where she can watch birds through the window.
Now she's just a little down in the hum-drums.
Her best friend, Elgy, loves to watch birds with her.
Sunday it's Elgy's turn to nap while Havi bird watches. I would have love to spend another day with them (I love taking photos of them) but we have plans to meet a couple friends who are in town from California.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Dinner

We were told by the bartender that as locals, we're crazy to be on the Las Vegas strip on a Saturday night. But a fun, casual dining atmosphere with killer margaritas like the ones at Margaritaville is hard to beat.
Waiting in line for a table is never a pain, especially with ice-cold margaritas in hand. My husband stops at the bar while I wait for a table. There's something about their margaritas that we love. It never tastes strong but will have you buzzin' before a glass is finished.
The night is warm and comfortable and for once I can leave my sweater in the car. At the tables around us, there were bachelorette parties, groups of single guys, and families gathering from different places around the world.
I didn't take any photos of our food, peel and eat shrimp and a tilapia sandwich. They weren't much to look at this time around. If anything, I should have taken photos of our drinks! But I thought maybe I should relax tonight and live in the moment rather than through the lens of my camera.


Our cousin's little boy, Robert, is getting cuter and cuter every day. Look at that smile!

Listening to: OceanLab - Sky Falls Down (Armin van Buuren Remix)
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Malibu Strings at Revolution Lounge

Wednesday July 2nd, The Beatles Revolution Lounge @ the Mirage in Las Vegas at 10:00 p.m.

Join Malibu Strings at the Beatles Revolution Lounge at the Mirage in Las Vegas for the launch of our Summer 2008 Collection. See our latest styles modeled by our stunning Malibu Strings models and the world famous Rocket Go Go dancers.

E-mail me to get on the guest list or wear your favorite Malibu Strings bikini to the event for free admission.

Join Malibu Strings at the Bare Pool Lounge for a day of fun in the sun and the most exclusive topless pool in Las Vegas. Malibu Strings models will be at the pool Wednesday, July 2nd and Thursday, July 3rd.

Malibu Strings Girls Attending:

Daly ~.~ ~.~ Kimmy ~.~ ~.~ Gina H ~.~ ~.~ Jana

Dawn ~.~ ~.~ Share ~.~ ~.~ Debbie B

It's going to be a lot of fun!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday on Lake Mead

Sometimes it's just nice to just say, "Screw it! Let's just go out on the lake and have a nice, quiet picnic." So after work, my husband and I towed our boat to launch at Lake Mead. We were suprised by the number of people already on the lake at this time of the evening. Some camp out overnight on a beach like my friend Kristen and her sweetie did last weekend. No need for a blanket since the night is warm and comfortable. I would have loved to sleep under the stars tonight but we had to come back to reality. Tomorrow is another work day for my husband and then we can enjoy Friday, his Friday night, all over again.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guess who's back

I'm just thrilled to have my digital camera back from the manufacturer for repairs*!! Don't take this to mean that the Casio EX-S10 is not a good camera, it was only two months new, but I used it so much that the zoom button wore out.

I was absolutely lost without my camera but now it's back in my possession. Everything and everybody WATCH OUT. This crazy Asian girl is on the loose [evil laughter]!!!
*It was shipped off to Casio for repairs (since I couldn't fall back on my unconditional replacement guarantee purchased through Sharper Image when I got the camera two months ago because they went through Chapter 11 and the company that purchased Sharper Image is not honoring the store credit we had or any guarantees we purchased).

I shipped the camera the Thursday before Father's Day and it came back in the mail today so I'm pleased to have it back so fast. I was prepared for the worst waiting time of 2-3 months and debated on whether to buy another camera for use during the meantime but I found nothing that I personally liked (and I tested the Canon, Nikon, and Fuji models that were on display at Best Buy) except the latest Exilim Zoom which has more optical zoom and a 28mm wide angle lens but it was thicker than my camera. I'm going to wait and see if they come out with these features on an Exilim Card.

Feels Familiar

I didn't want to go to the gym during my lunch hour today. The weather in Vegas has been very hot and walking to and from the gym is not as fun anymore. Especially when I'm still sweaty from my workout and a ten-minute trek each way in 104 degree temps will only make me sweat even more through my work clothes. I love sweating at the gym but don't like sweat running down my back underneath my office attire.

My solution to this temporary inconvenience: I wear a hat to protect my face from the sun (maybe I should carry an umbrella instead) and instead of changing back to my work clothes after a cardio workout and jetting back to the office, I cool down with weight bearing exercises until my sweating slows down enough to wipe off. Yeah, I could rinse off before going back to work but that would sap my cardio time and I'll need to carry a towel and sandals. More stuff to carry will make my routine more complicated and one of the reasons I'm able to workout every weekday or at least four days per week is because I keep my workout gear and routine simple. I have other motivators but that's another post.

So I didn't work out Saturday, Sunday, Monday (because I was on a mini-vacation), or Tuesday because I had a meeting too close after my lunch hour and didn't want to feel self-conscious about my matted hair and possible body odor. After four days off, it can be WAY to easy for me to get lazy and skip the gym. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and I think it only takes three days to break a habit.

I know I'm rambling. I just feel like writing whatever and keep thinking I could keep this post really, really short and simple but hey--this is my workout diary.

To sum it up, I didn't feel like working out because of the heat and I've had too many days off. Instead I wanted to sit somewhere cool and read a new book I got called, Skinny Bitch. But somehow that felt wrong to me...reading a book about health and fitness when I should darn well be at the gym for that hour. So I decided to work first and went to the gym, then tonight I can play and read my book. I tell you, after the grueling minutes of huffing, puffing, and sweating on the stair stepper, I forgave myself for the missed days and there's nothing like feeling the endorphins kick in.

So what did I do today?
20 minutes stair stepper (range of 95 to 140 steps per minute, cool-down in the last minute)
One set of sit-ups, seated row, inclined chest press, tricep pushdown, and bicep curls

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Love is a vegavitamin

Every weekday morning I make a protein shake for breakfast before dashing off to the office. My shake is very plain; just non-fat milk and chocolate-flavored protein powder (I never seem to get bored of it either). Simple compared to my husband's breakfast which he whips together in a blender every morning: a melody of fresh strawberries and bananas, protein powder, performance drink, yogurt and so many cubes of ice (he has his recipe down pat).

He always offers me a cup and, even though his breakfast is very good, I've always stuck with my shake; only tasting his. I can't put a finger on why I don't take him up on his offer. Maybe because I know it must be a lot of work to make his shake and I would feel guilty freeloading off of him when I can mix my shake with a hand blender in just a few seconds.

Last week I was zipping around the house during my morning routine, getting ready for work. My last stop was the kitchen to fill up my coffee mug and make my protein shake. The moment I entered the kitchen my husband handed me a shake he had made, stopping me in my tracks, and a multi-vitamin (which I absolutely hate taking but it's important to him that I do).

There was no complaint from me that morning. I happily swallowed my vitamin with a big gulp of protein smoothie. These little things that he always does unconditionally and spontaneously, is why I love my sweetie.

Skinny Bitch Book

I won one of the Skinny Bitch book giveaway contest!! Got my book and weight worry doll in the mail from Corrin this evening and I can't wait to read it. It could be the perfect motivation to get me back into the gym.

Since our trip to Lake Havasu started on Saturday, the days of drinking and eating rich foods had me spoiled and a little lazy. Three days off and of course, today was a wash at work with back to back meetings so I couldn't work out during lunch today.

Tomorrow is a new day and I'm looking forward to rockin' that stair stepper and sweatin' like a pig!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lake Mead Monday

On the US-95 heading back from Lake Havasu, we came upon a split in the freeway where if we exit left, we'd be heading east towards Las Vegas (and home) or if we exit right, we'd head west towards Boulder City (and Lake Mead).

Well, we couldn't resist steering right just to drop the boat in Lake Mead for a little bit. There was hardly anyone there at the launch ramp. The weather was perfect and the water couldn't be better.
Johnny and Daly at Lake Mead launch rampI took a video for a panoramic view of the Hemenway and Boulder Harbor area.

A mellow end to a nice long weekend.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dinner at Barley Brothers

We're off to meet our friends, Andrea and Billy, at Barley Brothers Brewery and Grill for dinner.
Built in July of 1997, this brewery makes one of our favorite beer--the Tripppleberrry Wheat beer, a Havasu favorite, this pastel wheat beer with hints of cranberries, blueberries, and raspberries.
We sat in a booth near the cozy wood fired pizza oven. You would think that we'd not want to sit anywhere warm with the outdoor temperatures in triple digits but it was comfortably cool inside the restaurant.
Meanwhile the sun was setting over the London Bridge. What a pretty view the bridge was as boats passed under, leaving the lake.
The beer sampler wheel was something new we haven't tried. Each 3 oz. glass was filled with a few of their award winning brews: Jennagrace Hefeweizen, Double Espresso Stout, Barley Brothers Blonde Ale, Kickstart Oatmeal Stout, Tripppleberrry Wheat, and Beachballs Red Ale. All were refreshing and delicious!
I ordered the surf and turf . The presentation was beautiful and portions more than generous--I'm bummed I could not get a decent photo with my PDA/phone which doesn't have a flash. (I've been living for the past week without my camera which is in repair after only two months use. I'm hard on my cameras and the replacement guarantee purchased from a company going through Chapter 11 (Sharper Image) was null and void.)
We had a lovely evening of good food and drinks and pleasant conversations with great company. We didn't want the night to end but alas, we all needed some heavy duty rest after a full day on the lake. As I fall asleep, I'm thinking about a view of the London Bridge when we drove over it this evening. All was dark and quiet except for the flags which were lit up along each side of the bridge...each gently waving in the night as if to say, goodnight and sleep tight.