Saturday, May 24, 2008

Slim-Down Secrets

Last night I picked up a magazine while grocery shopping for our boating trip this holiday weekend. Of all the magazines on the rack, this one by Women's Health caught my eye though it didn't look like anything special. I rarely buy magazines (especially when there are stacks of Bon App├ętit, Taste of Home, and other cooking magazines waiting to be flipped through at home) and since I own many health and fitness resources already, I was hesitant to buy another lose-weight-quick gimmick. After scanning the pages inside, this one looked like a good read--at least while I'm soaking in some sun on the bow of our boat. Maybe it was the headline that read, "THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE! Our Ultimate Get-Fit Diet" that lured me in. After all, that has been my goal since the start of this year. So 10 bucks later, I was at home reading through the pages.
I must tell you it was $10 well spent because of the basic guidelines and simple approach to health and fitness provided inside. It was just what I needed to stay on track and renew my personal goals.

To give you a preview of some of the contents:
  • What's Your Perfect Weight? (a question I've been trying to answer to set a realistic goal)
  • The WH Pefect Body Diet
  • 10 Foods, 40 Recipes (forty delicious, no-hassle recipes from ten nutrient-rich foods for the carb-sensitive and carb-friendly dieter)
  • The Perfect Cardio Plan
  • Hello, Abs!
  • One Perfect Hour
  • Mind Over Fatter
  • How to Get Your Fill
So far I've learned how to calculate my perfect body weight which was exactly what I had estimated when I created my weight loss ticker. I found the lazy-day calorie goal and busy-day calorie goal helpful; I shouldn't eat a set amount of calories every day anyway but rather based upon each day's physical activity.

Women's Health also has an Ultimate Fit Plan 2008 (a 6 month workout plan in three 8-week schedules to transform you) that I'm thinking about joining (especially because I can download the exercise videos to watch on my iPod). The last thing I need is another e-journal and fitness log (my PDA/Phone is my current tool) but it just might be the challenge I need to reach my goal of losing the last 4 to 6 ½ pounds. That and the effective eating, workouts, recipes, and tips from this Slim-Down Secrets guide should do it!

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