Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday by the pool

I drove to Boulder City Saturday afternoon to spend the remaining part of the day with family at my husband's parents' home, John and Maggie. Grandma had been visiting them all week and aunt Jan drove in from Corona Del Mar early in the morning.

I made a bloody beer and joined everyone by the pool. The afternoon was gorgeous, sunny and warm, and for once in weeks the wind was a gentle cooling breeze rather than a blowing banshee.

bloody beerpool

I always enjoy seeing our family and can't get enough of them. It's a good thing they live within minutes or just hours from us. This picture below is of Maggie and Jan weeding while cooling off in the pool.

pool time
I LOVE being in the sun but if I'm not careful, I can tan so fast that all anyone will see are my teeth when I smile so I sought the shade to learn a card game of Gin with Maggie and grandma. I was hooked after watching a couple of hands. Finally had the opportunity to play against the Queen of Gin herself (grandma).

I can't tell you how many hands I played against grandma and then aunt Jan. With beginner's luck, I won but when I lost, I lost terribly--it wasn't even a close game but still I had so much fun...LOL!!

My husband soon arrived on his bike (bicycle). He rode from our house in Henderson to Boulder City. 45 minutes or 15 miles--a short ride for him) to join us for dinner.

After the antipasto, we had grilled chicken and artichoke hearts, lasagna, and wine with German chocolate cake for dinner and coffee. I'm still drooling...LOL!!


johnny said...

That was really fun and an awesome dinner huh? Can't wait till you make another platter like that.

Anonymous said...

Is that your mother in law wearing a thong in the pool?

Daly said...