Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rides of our lives

After meeting up with our friend, Rob and his friend for lunch at the House of Blues, we were soon inside Disneyland to have some fun. (Rob is a graphic artist for Disney Studios and can take three other guests into Disneyland and California Adventures for free at any time.)
Our first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean. There are now "Captain" Jack Sparrows that pop up throughout the themed ride and we could see the people dining out on the patio of the Blue Bayou restaurant.

Then we went into the Haunted Mansion where Casper the Ghost tried to lick my face .

On our way out of the Haunted Mansion, we were given a couple fast pass to get on the next ride, Splash Mountain.

Rob and his friend, Eric, were in the two front seats...and they were soaked!! I ducked behind my husband every time we hit a pool of water and escaped with only wet socks. I love the faces Rob and Eric made on the ride (you'll have to click on the picture for a larger view).

CIMG2347 CIMG2350

We went on to Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pinnochio, and Mr. Toads but not before stopping for an ice cream sundae break.

Johnny and Daly at Thunder Mountain ice cream sundae Splash Mountain Mr. Toads
Rob tried licking me again ... I think he believes I might bring him luck but I showed him the proper way to get some luck by licking a toad (just kidding).

Rob licks Daly Daly licks toad
Mr. Toads

Even though there were quite a few people in the park, we've never had to stand in line in one place for longer than a minute. That's how we got on so many rides; the people moved quickly through the lines.
Disney park CIMG2366 CIMG2378 ferris wheel
It was time to head to California Adventures to catch some of the bigger rides. By late afternoon, we were quite thirsty so we ventured into Ariel's Grotto for something refreshing. I picked the Zen & Zang (SKYY MELON Vodka, Zen Green Tea Liqueur, fresh cucumber puree, lemon juice, and a dash of Hot Red Chile Sauce topped with Sprite and garnished with a slice of cucumber dipped in pepper flakes). It tastes like a spicy cucumber salad...definitely unique but I wouldn't try it again.
Ariel's Grotto CIMG2382
Sunken Treasure
The guys went for a ... milder drink, the Sunken Treasure (Malibu Coconut Rum, Midori Melon Liqueur, Tropical Juices, and Sprite with a splash of Blue Caracao).

I switched to a dirty gin martini and John and Rob toasted to a shot of Jameson with their Guiness for Rob's birthday.

The evening was very, very cold. My husband and I had gone shopping earlier in the day for a sweatshirt and long pants for me so I was fine but the guys only had a t-shirt one so they needed to do some shopping.
Eric CIMG2390
If it will keep you warm, Eric--go for it!! Cute visor, Rob, but it's not gonna keep your head warm any more than your hair will. Finally...SUCCESS--we have twins.

I mentioned before that Rob is a graphic artist and this is an example of his team's project.

Now that all of us were warm, we followed Rob to the Hollywood Tower (of Terror). I am not a big fan of rides that make me fear for my life so when Eric bowed out, I knew something was fishy so I said I was not riding unless Eric joined us. He did...for the first round but we liked it so much, Rob, Johnny, and I went for a second round. We thought it was the best ride of the night because not only was it scary-fun, it had a story behind it.

Basically we go into this elevator that crashes--so fast that my legs flew up into the air and then the elevator shoots up and we can see the entire park before it crashes again. I was SO scared, I gave Rob a bruise holding his hand. Johnny's hand was in my weaker left hand so he was fine...LOL.

We went on to Monster Inc. before heading back to Disneyland to catch our last ride of the evening before Rob and Eric needed to head for home.

Monster Inc Eric and Rob
Indiana Jones
After the Adventure of Indiana Jones, we parted ways with Rob and Eric and went to the Matterhorn Bobsleds. That ride was fun because I got to sit in Johnny's lap...LOL.

Then we made a dash Space Mountain before the park closed, running through the streets like little kids. That ride was out of this world and a lot of fun. The perfect ending to the perfect night.

Space Mountain

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