Sunday, May 04, 2008

Quiet Woman

The Quiet Woman was where we found ourselves for dinner; a walking distance from Grandma's home. Kid you not she is headless and carrying her head (in the photo on the right).

There is a legend behind the name of the restaurant (and subsequently the logo) can be found on a 15th century manuscript called the Sherbourne Missal. Judith, the headless woman, was 7th century saint who helped pilgrims on the way to a shrine in her village. Her family was at odds with her religious beliefs took her life by sword. According to the legend, she picked up her head and walked to the altar before she expired.

Outside Quiet Woman Quiet Woman
There was a small wait before we could be seated so we sat at the bar with our glasses of wine. I really liked the Clos La Chance Merlot (2004) that I tried (I love red wines; from Trader Joe's two buck chucks to the finest libation--they're all good to me so I'm not picky.)

When we were seated, we scored a great seat with a view of the live band performing cover songs that night. The Quiet Woman must be a local hangout spot by people who started to pile in; the girls were dressed to impress and guys were giving high-fives and hugs to their friends.

Johnny and Daly at Quiet WomanCIMG2302 Salad toppings
The restaurant has their own beer label called, No Head Red. Tastes pretty good!

No Head Red
CIMG2311 T-bone steak
John picked the T-bone steak dinner which came with salad and all the fixings pictured above. I ordered the Nantucket: grilled sea scallops with warm goat cheese, walnuts, red onions, and corn corn atop a bed of greens drizzled with vinaigrette dressing.

We topped of our night with amaretto and soda before walking back to Grandma's house to turn in for the night. The door sign reads, "Welcome to Paradise" and I say to that, you bet--we had a full day and bed is certainly a paradise!


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