Saturday, May 17, 2008

Milo's with Maggie

On this clear Saturday afternoon, I drove to meet Maggie (my husband's mom) for lunch in downtown Boulder City. Even though we live minutes from each other, it is not often that we have the opportunity to do lunch; just the two of us.
Downtown Boulder City
We picked a favorite place to have lunch, Milo's Cellar, because they have great sandwiches, salads, and drinks (they feature over 50 beers and wines by the glass) --we've never had a bad meal. On this warm day, the patio dining area was packed with hungry locals so we sat inside to seek shelter from the heat.
Milo's Cafe
To quench our thirst, I ordered a Black Velvet (Wyder's Pear Cider with a Guinness Stout float) and Maggie had a Sangria.
Sangria and Black Velvet
Isn't she lovely? Always so put together unlike the person on the other side of the camera (me...LOL).

Maggie at Milo's
We split a Buffalo Chicken Salad: spring mix and romaine, chicken breast, blue cheese, pine nuts, diced cucumbers, and red onions tossed in Frank's Red Hot and ranch dressing and Southwestern Vegetarian: avocado, roasted peppers, sprouts, tomato, baby greens, garlic chipotle mayo, provolone on a ciabatta served with a slice of dill pickles, red grapes, and taro chips. The salad had a nice tangy, kick to it--like a salad of hot wings without the bones. The vegetarian sandwich was delicious even without the optional grilled chicken breast.

Buffalo Chicken Salad Southwestern Vegetarian
We had a nice long lunch, catching up on the events in our lives. After lunch, I drove down towards the lake to spend the rest of the afternoon with Maggie by her pool. We laid by the pool and swam when the temperature got too hot, then played a card game of gin until the sun went down.
View of Lake Mead
When evening came, my husband rode his bicycle from our house to join Maggie and I for dinner--tostadas!!

The only person missing was John who was at a leather crafter's show in Wyoming. (When his plane landed in Wyoming, it circled the airport several times before the pilot announced that there was trouble with the plane's landing gears. John reassured the nervous guy sitting next to him, "Awe don't worry about it. When this baby lands, just put your feet up because its belly is gonna get red hot!". I'm glad he can have a sense of humor about such a situation because I'd be running around bawling my head off...LOL!!

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