Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lake Mead in May

This Sunday had to be the hottest day at Lake Mead. You can tell by the flock of boaters on the lake as we launched at Lake Mead marina. For once it wasn't windy and so we had no trouble getting to Little Sandy Cove.

Shortly after we had beached, a couple familiar faces arrived on their boat--Marcus and Justin.


They brought along Don Nunzio and Vinnie.

Don Nunzio Vinnie

And a new addition to the canine pack, Daisy (the tan and white Jack Russell). She is the fastest little ball fetcher I've ever seen! She always beats Vinnie to the ball and Nunzio doesn't even bother trying to compete for the ball (he prefers to fetch rocks out of the shallow areas of the lake).

Marcus, Daly, Justin Vinnie and Daisy

Then Paul, Darla, and their kids Nick and Alexia pulled up to the beach. We shared a few cups of beer and Clamato with Paul (he loved it) before all of us left Sandy Cove for Wishing Well.


If I had to count the number of boats in Wishing Well, I would say somewhere around 20. They were tied up together in strings of five or six. Laughter and music filled the cove, a favorite place for those who like to dive from the cliffs or swim in the calm waters.

CIMG2545 CIMG2546

John jumped in and I followed with a life jacket fashioned like a diaper around my bottom (this way I can float effortlessly with a drink in my hand).

We left Wishing Well and went through the Narrows to run our boat for a little bit on the Virgin Basin.

CIMG2558 CIMG2565 CIMG2566 CIMG2622

Once we reached the wide open waters of the Virgin Basin, we sped up to 98 m.p.h. It was calm and the water was glassy. Had there been some chop, we could have topped 100 m.p.h., something John has only done without a passenger. This is a short video clip of us moving across the lake (please turn down the volume; the wind blowing through my camera is very loud...LOL!!)

Then we just floated on the lake. Besides hearing the engines of other boats far, far away it was quiet. I am always amazed at the panoramic view within the basin. See what it is like for yourself (this video is quieter).

When the sun was low in the sky, we knew it was time to go home wearing what we should have worn whenever we are moving--our lifeline vests.

CIMG2573 CIMG2632

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levian said...

wow what a beautiful place !!
the dogs are having fun as well. XD