Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kick boredom goodbye

The past couple weeks, I've been feeling like working out was a becoming chore, just another thing to check off my daily to-do list. I was starting to feel that exercising was no longer enjoyable or fun as it had been for the past several months. I guess I was bound to fall into a rut after going to the gym five days a week, only alternating between the stair stepper, elliptical trainer, and circuit training all the while working out alone.

This week I decided to take a couple group classes, a step and strength training class and a cardio kickboxing class (not both in the same day of course...LOL). The step and strength training class came first in the week. When I first walked into the class, I was so excited to be there in that large room with other people and start a different workout. I had taken step classes before so I am somewhat familiar with the moves. By the end of the class, I felt the routine left something to be desired. The moves were difficult to follow because the sequence wasn't logically tied together and (personally) I found the instructor's high-pitch small voice overwhelmed by the loud music annoying and hard to hear. Still I tried to make the most of my workout putting forth as much effort as I could; I hate to waste my time (doing half-assed workouts).

The strength training portion, however, made up for my evening. I was introduced to new moves that challenged me. The soreness I felt the next day assured me I had put forth enough effort. I was looking forward to the next group class, cardio kickboxing.

THAT class was high-energy from the start; alternating medium and high-intensity moves. It left me invigorated when all was said and done--even squeezing what energy I had left to do the strength training moves afterwards. I will definitely take that class again.

I'm glad I decided to take some group classes. Now I know there are options for my workouts and I don't have to work out alone.

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