Monday, May 12, 2008

I has a cone head

Do you think I might be able to land a leading role in the next blockbuster sci-fi movie?

You'd think I'd walk out of the salon with a beehive or something but I'm sorry if I got your hopes up--it's the same 'ol highlights but with wispy bangs in this time (I gotta hide my big forehead somehow). I think my hair is having an affair with my hairstylist because he (my stylist) won't go lighter just yet for fear of damaging my tresses before I can grow my hair any longer. I swear that I will go all out blonde before I chop them and go darker again. I've done bleached and fried my hair before with my own hands.

Anyway, my husband and I finally received a set of lifeline vests. We've been silly to go as fast as we have without these potentially life saving devices. They strap not only around the chest cavity but also around each leg, can protect against bodily impact, and if the wearer is unconscious when they hit the water, the vest is suppose to keep the face up and afloat. You may think there's an easy solution to avoiding some of the risks of boating accidents such as going slower rather than flying across the lake and I wholeheartedly agree but sometimes accidents are beyond our control and so we have to protect ourselves from the other guys on the lake and not just ourselves.

Note to self: must get matching bikini made.

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johnny said...

BOY OH BOY!!! I didn't think a life jacket could look so good!