Friday, May 30, 2008

Hot Damn

There is a big bon fire flaming in my mouth at the moment as I'm enjoying hot wings at the Wing Stop inside the Green Valley Resort before we catch a movie. I picked the Atomic and Original Hot seasoning and boy...I've never had wings this hot and man they are good. The Original Hot wings just tastes like Frank's hot sauce but the Atomic has a melody of flavors--the habaƱero chili was especially strong...LOL!!
Tonight we have a date with John, Maggie, Annejelynn and her husband to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We made our way to the theatre after we ate and there was already a line of people that weaved around the main lobby. Hundreds of people and you can tell that they have been waiting for some time.

We had stumbled upon the opening night of the movie, Sex and the City. A look at the concentration of women waiting in line was a dead giveaway. Some dressed in cocktail attire like the fashion icon character in the movie, Carrie.

My husband observed that THIS would be the place to hookup for the single guy ... but then (he thought), the girls would look at the guy and declare, he must be gay. (LOL)

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