Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hermosa Beach

Saturday morning my husband, John went on a ride early in the morning from Corona Del Mar to Dana Point. During his 30-mile round trip, he has never seen so many cyclists this time as he had during the years when he lived in CA. But he could easily see why, Saturday morning was a perfect day to be outside. Though it was cool, the sun was out (and there's no wind!).

After his ride, we sat down with the family for breakfast before we packed up my mountain bike and John's cruiser to spend the day in Hermosa Beach. It was a little cool in the early afternoon as we rode along the strand from where Hermosa and Redondo Beach meets. It's 70 degrees but it feels like 50 right now. A little cold for my desert blood but it should warm up later into the day.
Hermosa Beach

When we found ourselves at the Hermosa Pier, we were ready for a drink to warm us up. At the bar, we drank Miller Lite while we waited for a table. There was quite a crowd having brunch as we were waiting to do the same.

The sheltered patio seating atop Hennessey's Tavern was worth the wait. It offers a panoramic view of the strand, life on the beach, and ocean while allowing us to enjoy the sunshine but at the same time protecting us from the cool breeze.

Patio of Hennessey's
Fries and Onion Rings Pesto Chicken Sandwich California Citrus Salad Margarita

I had the California Citrus Salad for lunch and a refreshing glass of margarita. John had a pesto chicken sandwich with his freshly made mojito and a side of steak cut fries and beer-battered onion rings.


Shane said...

I somehow stumbled onto your blog when I was searching for some stuff on google in Hermosa Beach (I live in HB). I never really read these things; I am not into blogging but I have to say you have some really quality pictures. I especially liked the music because it reminded me of partying out in Ft. Lauderdale and South Beach. Anyway...take care!

Daly said...

Thanks for the note and compliments, Shane. My husband and I met in Hermosa Beach (at Sharkeez on the the way, is that place reconstructed yet?) though we lived in Redondo Beach. Him a little further north on PCH and I off of 190th across from the doggie park.

It's our tradition to visit Hermosa every 4th of July (the anniversary of when we met) and will be there this 4th as well.

I'm glad you like the music and I'll be adding more soon. Take care. =)

Shane said...

You should check out Margarita Wrestling on the 4th. Its a huge house party on the strand that my friend (Ken Tayloe) throws every major holiday and all proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Society. He typically spends about $90K on the party budget to make things go off.

$20 to get in and all you can drink Red Bull Vodka, Beer, and Margaritas. If nothing else, its worth a stop by to see the spectacle of girls go wild and wrestle in a pool of margarita mix on the beach around 3-4pm.

You can get details at


Shane said...

Oh and I think Sharkeez is set to open around August, but no firm date has been set. If you guys come out in the next few weeks you will see how close it is to being done. It looks really fancy now! Nothing like the old days. You are the second married couple I know to originally have met at the proverbial "meat market" that is known as Sharkeez. Ha!

Anonymous said...

What a great cause shane.we'll look for you. I apologize for the delay. We've been organizing a bikini party in vegas (post and pics to come) and then I almost lost my mom to a hot oil and propane fire yesterday. I so need a drink. LOL. -Daly