Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gyros Salad

I've been told (in more words or less) that I spend a lot of time photographing my food and posting it on the net. I guess ... I can't dispute that--LOL!! What can I say? It is a fetish, I think. I like food; the presentation and the way it looks before I devour it. So when Subway calls their employees "sandwich artists" I can see why. Because food ... is an art! So with that said, I have another picture of a collosial gyros salad I ate Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe earlier this week. It doesn't look large in this photo but believe me, it's larger than my head and I desperately tried to make a dent but only succeeded in eating half of it.
I am rather disappointed that I didn't get a good shot of a Whedubop salad I had with my friend the next day. Next time you bet your bottoms up, Rob, I won't forget...
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johnny said...

Looks good. Where is mine? I would have loved that for dinner. :D

Daly said...

We're gonna have salad tonight babe but it's not gonna by a gyros salad.