Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday at Yard House

Friday marked the end of the semester and the dreaded finals week at the institution where I work. Though I graduated a year ago, I still felt sympathetic pains for the students as they hustled between buildings to take their exams. It would be nice if I could just disappear during this fateful week but escaping finals is not an option for me as it's one of the things I do in my job, schedule classrooms (and resolve room conflicts) for final exams so I am very relieved this week came to an end, finally.
Town Square
My colleagues are gathering at the Yard House in Town Square after work to celebrate all our hard work. In all the times that my husband and I have visited the Las Vegas Strip, we've never explored the Turnberry Town Square since its completion over six months ago (we're so lagging). Happy hour was a great reason for us to visit a place which boasts having the world's largest selection of of draft beer.
It's not that John and I have never been to a Yard House, we've never been to this Yard House. Like its location in Long Beach, CA this restaurant offers beer in a variety of sizes including the pint and half yard though they all have stopped offering what they use to when my husband and I lived in Redondo Beach--the yard. (So I'm told the ridiculously tall glass was too awkward for people to drink out of and it was liability in a crowded restaurant).
This location was surely CROWDED; the masses of people filled the gigantic restaurant to the brim. People packed the bar, the seats inside the restaurant, and on the patio. Luckily my co-workers got to the restaurant early and snagged a huge table so my husband and I didn't have to wait in the line that quickly formed. We ordered a couple beers and an appetizer of Firecracker Wings (tossed in a spicy garlic plum glaze, it was not hot enough for me--nothing ever is but the wings were still finger-licking good!) I enjoyed the Pyramid Apricot Ale that I ordered to drink.
A Toast A Drink
Tomorrow held a birthday so we toasted to that special day, however I did not share a shot of Patrone (no, thanks). Instead I chose one of their beer blends, the Black Velvet: Wyder's Pear Cider with a float of Guinness Stout on top. I love pear cider and I could taste its sweet flavor coming through the creamy stout--YUM!! (I might learn how to pour my own glass.)

Daly and John
After leaving the Yard House, John and I went to another work party the department where I use to work for was throwing at a faculty member's house.

Every year a party is planned with an Iron Chef theme. This year, the secret ingredients was "peanuts". I would have brought lettuce wraps and peanut sauce had I known sooner than a day's notice but instead we brought a six-pack of beer with a hint of passion fruit. I gotta admit, the beer was the perfect ending to a hell of a week!

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