Saturday, May 03, 2008

Early Cinco de Mayo Celebration

We could definitely feel the coolness from the ocean while we were on the Manhattan Beach Pier; it made us want to drink coffee to warm ourselves up so decided to head back to Hermosa Beach to find a cafe.

Ride back to Hermosa

Daly ride back to Hermosa
Ride back to Hermosa on Strand Hermosa Beach

Except by the time we arrived back at Hermosa, we were thirsty...for margaritas (it is Cinco de Mayo weekend) so we swung into Patrick Malloy's for a drink.

Johnny at Patrick Malloy's

Clearly the Cinco de Mayo celebration has started with people dawning sombreros...and even the girls are sporting faux mustaches...LOL!!

CIMG2291 Johnny and Daly at Malloy's

As soon as the sun faded, the evening chill started settling in. We were ill prepared for the evening in our shorts, t-shirts, and my light sweater. We had hoped to be able to stay late enough to meet my friend for drinks but I think we would've frozen to death so we packed up our stuff and drove back to Corona Del Mar in search of some warm dinner.



Anonymous said...

Does your boo have a hat? Is that real or am I tripping? I cant tell....-Kashmir

Daly said... noticed!

Anonymous said...

yeah! Thats sooooo cool. you should list them for sale! I'd buy one! Seriously. :) $5 bucks or something. -Kashmir