Friday, May 23, 2008

Dark Skies in Vegas

The good news: it's FRIDAY!! The bad news: it's RAINING (well, it's still good news for the desert but bad for boating). I drove home from work underneath a cloudy, dreary sky as if I was driving into a dark tunnel but instead I was driving into a blanket of rain. My car skidded across the asphalt as I turned the corner at less than 20 m.p.h. The mixture of fresh rain and oil makes the road slick so everyone drove cautiously on the freeway.
Earlier this week, the temperatures exceeded 100°F and today, the digits dropped to 62°F. I drove past the neighbor's house, a black Tige hitched up to a lifted black pickup truck poised to take off for the lake. I imagine they did what we had planned to do, hitch up our boat so we're ready to take off for Lake Havasu first thing in the morning. But with thunderstorms in the forecast, our plans are now delayed.
So we did what a gloomy wet day would make most people want to do, curl up by a warm fireplace and drink wine. Even though we have a perfectly good setup at home, it's always fun to go out--especially to a place we've been wanting to check out, VOX Vine Lounge, recommended to us by our friends.
There are separate dining areas from the bar/gaming area when we first walk in which is glassed off from the formal dining area and the lounge where we sat to have appetizers and wine. The setting is intimate with chairs and what looks like double chaise lounges with fluffy pillows arranged in a half circle around the fireplace; the perfect place for us to relax.
We had the lounge area to ourselves while we enjoyed the Charcuterie & Cheese Plate (house-made cured meats, marinated olives, domestic & imported cheeses) and Grilled Prawn Flatbread (tomatoes, basil, and garlic cream sauce) with our wine. It was just enough to fill our tummies and fuel us for the grocery shopping we needed to do for our trip.
The weather should be warmer and sunnier on Sunday and Monday so there is still a whole lot of weekend ahead! If it's not to be, however, I would be just fine right by a warm fireplace instead.

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