Sunday, April 27, 2008

Will there be wind?

I don't trust the weather forecast right now. Though it has been accurate with the daily temps, the forecasts have been underestimating the speed of the wind saying 10 m.p.h. when I can look outside and clearly see that it's more like 20.

Out of all the normal weather conditions, I absolutely don't like wind. Rain, snow--I can stand, fog, overcast, and gloom don't bother me too much and I sure don't mind the sun but wind ... what can I say but it just blows.

At least I can wear a sweater when it's cold and hide under the cover of an umbrella when it rains but wind, uh...walk around behind a windscreen? Wind is everywhere, blowing in all sorts of direction. It's sometimes not predictable and it sure knows how to ruin the fun by blowing around dust, pollen, and trash.

Hopefully the weather will be nice because we'd like to go out on the lake today. Last weekend we weren't able to because the wind was blowing so hard, there was a haze of dust over the lake.

I've had pain from boating withdrawals since. Two weeks have gone by and we've been land bound. Hopefully we'll break that spell today!

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