Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shaved Cats

You may hate me and call me cruel but please know that my husband and I love our two little girls, our cats, Havi (the calico cat) and Elgy (the black and white cat). They are like our kids and we spoil the heck out of them with toys, treats, soft food, and yes--even clothing.

My husband, John, was not for shaving our cats but I insisted and so...earlier this week, Havi and Elgy got a hair cut. Specifically a "lion cut" where the hair around their head, paws, and tail are left unshaved so they look like little lions (but they don't because they are not long hair); the cut is also referred to as the "boots and a helmet".

Last year we did the same thing starting with Havi. When we brought her home, she pranced around the house as if she were so proud of her new do. Seeing that she didn't appear to have a negative experience, we also had Elgy shaved.

This year, both girls were taken in by the groomer at the same time so it took a few hours to shave, bathe, and clip their nails. We walked in as the groomer was finishing up and the sight of Elgy so limp without struggle in her broke our hearts. (I think this is the last year they will be subjected to public grooming. The groomer is great; she's the only one certified to groom cats so I'm sure she took good care of our girls but we felt so bad for Elgy when we saw her in that listless state like a rag doll.)

But as soon we brought them home, they were back to normal as if they never left the house. Here's Havi ... she looks camera shy but she's grooming her new coat.

Elgy is perfectly content. We fed them their favorite, soft food, and after dinner they dashed off to play with their toys.

With the weather warming up, both cats have been shedding like crazy. They like to ride on my shoulder but I'm completely covered when I put them down. Both seem to be happier with a thinner coat; much cooler and less work for themselves when grooming (we only shave them during the summer when shedding becomes a problem).

I suspect that the thinner coat increases their skin's sensitivity because they go crazy when we pet them. Here's Elgy sitting next to John indulging in his affection.

I think if the girls could talk, they'd say it was worth a little humiliation.


johnny said...

Miss. Biglesworth!!!!!

levian said...

lovely cats you've got there !! love them !! :D