Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rough but Tough

11:55 a.m.: It is rough out here but our little boat is tough so we are out on Lake Mead.


Today was breezy and so the water was rough but my husband and I weren't the only ones out there; we saw others underneath a sun umbrella reading books and relaxing.


Since there's nothing we can do about Mother Nature, we made our latest favorite thing to drink, beer with clamato and salt and sat on the beach to have lunch.


I wore my Emerald Beach suit by Malibu Strings and we laid out underneath the sun listening to the tunes on my iPod.


Soon enough, the breeze died down and the water was calmer so we hopped on our boat to head towards the Narrows which leads to the Virgin Basin.


We got in a couple good runs reaching 98 m.p.h. I think when I lose those last five pounds, we may be able to surpass 100 m.p.h. with both of us in the boat...LOL!!

When we had our fun, it was time to head back towards little Sandy Beach but not without a quick stop by Wishing Well. It's a great place to float and seek shelter from the breeze though the air can get too warm and stagnant if you're there for too long so we left soon after.


Little Sandy Beach still had quite a few boaters on it including our friend, Ryan, who came out on his boat. We spent the afternoon chatting with him until it was time to leave.

Coming off the lake was mixed bag of emotions. We were happy to be able to get out on the lake and had a fun relaxing time but the ride back was just rough and so it was frustrating because we couldn't get on plane and end the afternoon on a high note. But there will be plenty of sunny days to come without the breeze we had today so I know there will be many more good boating days to be had.

Now it is time to go home, clean up and find a place to have dinner in celebration of our anniversary.

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Rose said...

Lovely pic of the two of you.