Friday, April 04, 2008

Panties in a Bind

As I left work today, I was in my car backing up at a moderate speed from my parking spot and checking all three of my mirrors--left, rear view, right mirrors, and then looking over my shoulders, I heard a couple honks from a car. Thinking, WTH? I looked back again through the big window of my hatchback style compact car and saw another car with a female-like figure behind the steering wheel honking at me. She rightfully did so since I was backing towards the front of her car which was, not to my knowledge until then, on the path to leaving the parking lot.

So I stopped my car switching gears from reverse to forward heading back towards my parking space to allow her by. I certainly understand her audio warnings to keep me from backing into her car but THEN she went into a convulsion, honking the horn, her hair flying around her like a banshee as she pounded the steering wheel in agitation. I tried not to have my own seizure of laughter as I apologetically pulled back into my sparking space.

Being the cautious driver that I am, I wondered where she came from and how I had not seen her car until that moment. I had observed that there were only a few cars in the lot late this Friday afternoon; I like to look to see who else might be leaving around the same time. Certainly she must have been two parked cars or so down the parking lot because this lot dead ends so there's no through traffic passing by.

I think what may have happened was that I must have back out at the same time or after she did and obviously, she wasn't willing to wait and wanted me to get out of her way. Many times in this parking lot, people have backed out the same time as I and I've stopped to stay out of their way or even when I've completely backed out and someone else down the lot pulls out in front of my path, I've stop to allow them to go first. I do this more out of safety than courtesy because I realize they may not be able to see oncoming vehicles until they've pulled out of their space--much like I've experienced today when I was reversing out of my space.

Long story short, I chuckle thinking of how unnecessary it was for that lady to get her panties in a bind. I understand it's Friday afternoon and she probably wanted so badly to go home but the next time she decides to go off on someone, she should keep in mind that the parking lot we share is for employees (not visitors) and so we will most likely run into each other again. I just hope next time, our run in will not be so literal.


Anonymous said...

It takes all types I suppose, people are way too uptight. Glad you could see the humor in all of it.

Thanks for the great pictures by the way!!

S in San Francisco.

Daly said...

Thank you. Life is too long to live it in misery and too short not to enjoy all the good times.

There are more important things in life than fretting over the few seconds spent waiting for someone to back out of parking spot. (I ended up right behind her waiting for traffic to clear before we could exit the lot...LOL.)

Some people tend to forget that the world doesn't revolve around them, you know?