Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh what fun it is to...

...see our friends again. Whenever we have dinner with our friends, Jason and Cinzia, we're guaranteed to have a good time. How can we not with two of the most laid back, fun loving people we know?

This time we are joined by another friend, Shannon (the photographer of the picture below), at Jason and Cinzia's beautiful home.

Cheers at dinner table

Cinzia made one of my all-time favorite things to eat, LASAGNA, just for me!! Her recipe does not have ricotta but mozzarella instead and she substituted half and half for heavy cream but all I could taste was heaven...(give me a second; I'm revelling in that moment again).

One of their cats, Fluffy, joined us for dinner. Cinzia says (with her Italian accent), Fluffy is everything but fluffy.

LasagnaFluffyDaly gives two thumbs up (I give my two thumbs up!)

Their son, Justin, pulls up a chair next to me at the dinner table after he finished his dinner of dinosaur shaped chicken fingers and ketchup. I was so jealous of his dinner until I saw the lasagna simmering in the oven...LOL!!

Justin and Daly

We were happily stuffed from the truffle stuffed cheese, Caesar salad, and lasagna and so after dinner, we wandered outside for some fresh air. (Did you catch the size of the lasagna serving on my plate?! I nearly ate all of it thus the silly look on my face.)

Johnny loungingDaly lounging

It always helps to stand up and shake the food down...LOL!!

Daly by pool

This evening is a special evening because we were all here to celebrate Jason's birthday.

38 years old

Justin positioned himself to help his dad blow out the candles. (A cute side story about Justin: after giving me a hug, he observingly said, "Why--you have such beautiful nails!" LOL...)

Justin climbing in to bar sinkJustin in the bar sink

After a singing "Happy Birthday Daddy", the candles were blown out.

Blowing out candle

Then we topped off the evening with Tiramis├╣ and Sambuca with floating toasted coffee bean (an Italian aniseed-flavored, colorless liquor that tastes like black licorice), called Sambuca con mosca, literally meaning "Sambuca with flies".

An Italian tradition is to put three coffee beans representing health, wealth, and happiness (though I had heard the mafia served Sambuca with floating coffee beans to someone they were about to kill after they had their drink).

John's TiramisuTiramisu

Luckily Jason and Cinzia are not with the mafia and so we left with our lives, stuffed with delicious foods and happy.

Two Devils
(It looks like John has rabbit ears on Jason but if you look carefully, John's hand is on Jason's shoulder and so Cinzia is behind them giving Jason a prominent devil's horn and John an itty bitty horn with her reach. I ruined this picture because my big fat thumb was partly in the way of the flash.)

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The picture of John & Jason with the bunny ears is too funny!!!I am so short none knows I am there!!! :)