Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lake Mead with Friends

Sunday we had temperature highs of 85-86°F (I think it's the highest we've had for any Sunday this year so far). The boats and people came out on the lake and beaches in droves to take advantage of the warm weather. Among them were me, my husband, and friends, Andrea and her boyfriend, Billy.

The sunny day was deceiving though, hiding the rollers beneath the surface of the water that our boat did not like. It was a rough ride out to Little Sandy Cove but not before we gave a larger boat a run for its money. We've never gone 85 m.p.h. hauling four people and cargo on rough waters before so that was my threshold as I shouted at the maniac driver (yes, you John) to slow down.
We hung out on the beach all day; time flew by so fast we didn't get a chance to leave and explore other areas of the lake. There were people we've met before and chatted with others we've never met.

Coming off the lake, I was happy about the good day and at the same time tried not to think about the work day to come.
My sweet husband and I always call his parents to let them know that we are off the lake. They live in Boulder City and we think they might be able to spot us on the freeway as we're passing by. (Hi John and Maggie!!)
John and Daly
This week my friend is staying with us; she's coming to town from CA to celebrate her birthday and come the weekend my husband and I will be off to Lake Havasu for a change. Hopefully the weather will be nice. The forecast says the temperatures are going to be in the 90s but there will be winds.

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