Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lake Mead in March

Sunday morning started out kind of chilly but it was sunny with a slight breeze of 5 m.p.h. We knew the day would get warmer and decided to go out on the lake and relax. This would be our first time running it after it had been in and out, in and out of the shop to have the lower unit replaced. As we left the launch ramp, I was bundled up to stay warm from the wind chill but nervous and excited about what the day might bring. We knocked wood fiberglass and hoped all will go well.

Lake Mead Marina launch ramp

The water was pretty glassy but the slight breeze brought some desired chop so we easily planed and sped up to 100 m.p.h.

SpeedometerLake Mead

We stopped to check the construction progress of the US 93 Hoover Dam Bypass. The bridge will provide Nevada's commercial lifeline into Arizona and is reportedly the worlds highest bridge over water. If you have driven over Hoover Dam, you can see that the bridge appears to be double the height of the exposed part of the dam so that's might tall to me! No thanks, I'll just watch from a distance rather than drive over the bypass once it is completed.

Boulder City Dam (Hoover Dam)

I love looking around Lake Mead at the colors and rock formations against the deep blue sky.

Lake Mead GeologyJohn and Daly speeding across lake

Once we reached Sandy Cove, we poured ourselves a cold bottle of Miller Chill. The weather had definitely warmed up by then and all was still and quiet. We were pretty much the only ones on the beach while a couple other boaters dropped in and out of the cove.

Miller Chill

Low and behold, a familiar face arrived (what are the chances on this Sunday afternoon?). Our friend had purchased himself a boat from the same builder as ours but he chose a different color scheme. This was his first time running the boat since he got it.

Sandy Cove

While the guys talked about boats, I wandered around the beach and fed the wildlife, a group of Mallards and big fish. Then our friend left to practice running his boat some more so my husband and I plugged into our music player and took a nice nap. With no one around, it was the perfect chance to tan out my bikini lines.

Two Trick PowerboatsSun Soaking at Sandy Cove

This cute couple hung around us all day, contently sharing our tortilla chips and taking naps just a few feet from us in the shadow of our boat. Then three male Mallards swam towards shore, hoping to be fed themselves but were immediately chased off by this drake. I wish you could have seen the action in person. The male Mallard would swim towards the other ones, head plowed into the water, chasing them away from his mate while squawking at them. Apparently she was the only duck in the cove and he was quite protective...LOL!!

Drake and Duck Mallard
FlowerUs at Sandy Cove

The signs of spring can also be found in the desert...I think this is a Desert Primerose or Dune Evening Primerose.

When two o'clock came, we did not want to get off the lake as we had planned but we knew needed to get home. So off the lake we were at 4:30 p.m. and the boat was in the garage before 5 p.m.
My husband went riding on his bike before sundown and when he returned, we took advantage of the nice outdoor weather and grilled some chicken, asparagus, and cheese and salsa quesadillas for dinner. Now I'm ready for the work week.

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WOW, that is quite a post. What a great day we had huh? Can't wait to do it again.