Monday, April 07, 2008

Lake Mead First Weekend in April

You know the saying, "working for the weekend"? Well I think that holds true for us. Especially during the summer when one of the things we look forward to is some quiet time out on the calm lakes. For a day, we can escape the sounds of the city, cars, traffic, and conversations between a hound and chatty cockatiel down the street to the serene waters of Lake Mead or Lake Havasu.
John and Daly at the Narrows
This Sunday, after a quick stop by Sandy Cove, we ventured a little further past the narrows into the open waters of the Virgin Basin (here is a handy map of Lake Mead).
If it weren't for a glimpse of the shoreline, the panoramic view would have me fooled that I was on the ocean sans the big rollers.
We spotted a cove that was the perfect place to beach and grab a drink. I poured us a cup of mojitos I had mixed at home and they were a refreshing pair to our location.
You can't see them in these photos but there are other boats beached far, far away. Some bring tents, chairs, and a portable BBQ grill. We skipped the baggage this time and brought only our towels, drinks, and snacks (oh--and microwave popcorn for the ducks!).
For a while, I pretended we were on our own island. I have always wanted my own island but somewhere more tropical where I can fish, run on the beach, and drink coconut milk all day! But for now, Miller Chill will do--especially when shared with my best buddy in the world. There's no where else I'd rather be...but right here.

Perhaps next weekend, we'll head to Cottonwood Cove and Temple bar but until then...I'm just working for the weekend.

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