Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jouse's Birthday Celebration

My friend, Jouse, from CA is in town to celebrate her birthday. While she and her friend, Cindy, are staying with us, I took a couple days off from work to spend Thursday and Friday with them before their stay shifts to the Las Vegas strip over the weekend.

Last night we had a BBQ with more of her friends who drove in from CA last evening. There were pitchers of margaritas, platters loaded with pork ribs, corn, roasted vegetables, salad, rolls, and grilled salmon. We had a great time and I always manage to drink a little too much margaritas...LOL. They remind me of summer, the sun, and sand and with the horrible winds we had all week ... I guess I was trying to drink my way into summer.

My husband, John came home from work only to work some more over the grill and in the kitchen; entertaining and cleaning at the same time. I couldn't have done it all without his help so he is such a sweetie.

The next morning, we took Jouse and Cindy to the Original Pancake House as neither of them have ever been. Their signature Apple Pancake and Dutch Baby are enough to feed you into a coma...LOL!! In this picture below, I am waiting with Jouse and Cindy for John to get ready. It's rare that anyone would be waiting for John but since he slaved last night, he deserved a little time to primp for brunch .

So Jouse and Cindy are off to continue their stay in Vegas at a hotel on the strip. John and I are going there ourselves to meet up with his parents for burgers and drinks at Margaritaville. Pictured below are Cindy (with Havi), Jouse, and me. Our cats, Havi and Elgy absolutely love Cindy and I think she's taken so much to them during her visit that she's going to adopt a couple when she gets home.

Unfortunately, we are not able to go to Lake Havasu for the weekend because of the blasted wind. Maybe if the weather permits tomorrow, we'll be able to launch at Lake Mead but I'm not holding my breath.

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