Monday, April 28, 2008

Dinner at King's Fish House

After a day out on the lake, we needed to some good food in our stomachs. This Sunday evening was special in that we were dining to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. We didn't make any reservations because we sometimes like to fly by the seat of our pants but have the hardest time deciding on where to eat. You would think with all the restaurants in Las Vegas, from mom and pops to high end restaurants, we wouldn't have a problem picking something--but picking a place to eat is a decsion we always struggle with...LOL.

Finally we decided on an old favorite, King's Fish House, where we first went to dinner after my husband's marriage proposal to me. We also met and became good friends with, Jason and Cinzia whom we had dinner with the other night.

Daly at bar

Despite the warm evening, we found the inside of the restaurant to be freezing cold (it seems almost every establishment in Vegas has their air conditionin on overkill so I always carry a sweater). We decided to wait at the bar for a seat on the patio along the palm tree-lined "Main Street" of the District. I ordered a dirty gin martini and my husband, John, went for a Mai Tai.

dirty martiniJohnny at bar

Soon enough, a seat on the patio opened up and we scored a great table alongside the cobblestone walkways of the District. (King's Fish House is just one of the many restaurants located within the District at Green Valley Ranch. A mix of retail shops, restaurants, office space and luxury lofts form the complex. It's a place where you can shop, stop by the bars for a cocktail, relax on one of the park benches, bring your kids or pets to play, or have dinner.)


Surprisingly there was quite a vibrant night-life on a Sunday evening!

Johnny on patio

For dinner I had the cioppinio and John picked the ono with mango salsa, spinach, homemade macaroni and cheese.

Cioppinioono with spinach, mac and cheese

We topped off the night with decaf coffee and creme brulee.

creme brulee

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