Saturday, April 05, 2008

Children of the Mekong River

I came across this photo from a blog about Laos and thought, I use to be one of those grubby scantily clothed kids myself...LOL!! Now by the lakes of Nevada/Arizona, I'm still a scantily clothed adult and only sometimes grubby.

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dom said...

Actually, since you mentioned it, I know this Vietnamese girl that spent some time in a refugee camp before her family came here, there's actually quite a large Laotian and Vietnamese community here (fort wayne IN). She can speak vietnamese, english, japanese and chinese, man am I jealous (of the language skills not necessarily the refugee camp status, er, whatever...)

Daly said...

I am surprised to know that there's a large Laotian and Vietnamese community in Fort Wayne. My sister lives in the metropolitan area of St. Paul, MN and the Cambodian population is so prominent that the ATM machine at Bank of America offers ATM banking services in English and Cambodian (as opposed to English and Spanish).

I can only speak English and Laotian ... and broken Laotian at that since I don't have anyone to practice with where I live. That is great your friend is multi-lingual!