Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Anniversary Gifts

I guess we don't follow tradition when it comes to our wedding anniversary gifts for each other. He gave me a purse and I got him some tikis and a tiki light fountain (I don't have photos of that yet; I'm one AA battery short!). Eh...I'm okay with our own tradition and that is anything goes!

Don't take this to mean that I'm a Coach snob now--I only have two Coach purses and it was out of necessity as deemed by my husband. I wear the crap out of my other purses and he wanted me to have a nice day purse that will withstand the wear and tear that I subject my bags to.

The one pictured above is an evening purse; come to think of it, I can't remember when I bought an evening purse for myself. The last evening purse I had (and still use today) was a Kenneth Cole purchased for me by my (then boyfriend, now husband) over four years ago...LOL! (When I buy bags, they are casual day bags or totes.)

We choose Coach not because of the brand name (if I wanted name brand over quality, I'd probably buy the knock-offs which I wouldn't do anyway because I don't care about impressing people; look at my clothes..LOL! I just like nice things whatever it may be). In fact, I use to not understand why Coach purses were so popular and I was somewhat turned off from considering them because it seems every girl had one. But my husband looked at a couple other nicer purses by Louis Vuitton and Dooney and Bourke for my birthday gift and he liked the quality and functionality in the Coach purses better than the rest so that's what he went with. Now that I own a couple, I see now why Coach has become a brand name--because they are built and designed well.

Can I live without Coach purses--you bet; I'm more than happy to get my purses from T.J. Maxx but I won't turn down a Coach bag as a gift, that's for sure!!


Chante said...

Holy Shit! Johnny bought you a Coach? That's so RAD!

I don't own one but like you said, "every girl had one" and I'm like you - I don't want to be like another girl. I love my Jr. Drake or whatever that Nordstroms carry that are under $500. But I won't turn down a Coach purse if it hit me in the face!!!!!

Daly said...

The funny thing is, Chante. I haven't used my Coach bags in ... year? They are just sitting in the closet; isn't that terrible?