Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shaved Cats

You may hate me and call me cruel but please know that my husband and I love our two little girls, our cats, Havi (the calico cat) and Elgy (the black and white cat). They are like our kids and we spoil the heck out of them with toys, treats, soft food, and yes--even clothing.

My husband, John, was not for shaving our cats but I insisted and so...earlier this week, Havi and Elgy got a hair cut. Specifically a "lion cut" where the hair around their head, paws, and tail are left unshaved so they look like little lions (but they don't because they are not long hair); the cut is also referred to as the "boots and a helmet".

Last year we did the same thing starting with Havi. When we brought her home, she pranced around the house as if she were so proud of her new do. Seeing that she didn't appear to have a negative experience, we also had Elgy shaved.

This year, both girls were taken in by the groomer at the same time so it took a few hours to shave, bathe, and clip their nails. We walked in as the groomer was finishing up and the sight of Elgy so limp without struggle in her broke our hearts. (I think this is the last year they will be subjected to public grooming. The groomer is great; she's the only one certified to groom cats so I'm sure she took good care of our girls but we felt so bad for Elgy when we saw her in that listless state like a rag doll.)

But as soon we brought them home, they were back to normal as if they never left the house. Here's Havi ... she looks camera shy but she's grooming her new coat.

Elgy is perfectly content. We fed them their favorite, soft food, and after dinner they dashed off to play with their toys.

With the weather warming up, both cats have been shedding like crazy. They like to ride on my shoulder but I'm completely covered when I put them down. Both seem to be happier with a thinner coat; much cooler and less work for themselves when grooming (we only shave them during the summer when shedding becomes a problem).

I suspect that the thinner coat increases their skin's sensitivity because they go crazy when we pet them. Here's Elgy sitting next to John indulging in his affection.

I think if the girls could talk, they'd say it was worth a little humiliation.

Anniversary Gifts

I guess we don't follow tradition when it comes to our wedding anniversary gifts for each other. He gave me a purse and I got him some tikis and a tiki light fountain (I don't have photos of that yet; I'm one AA battery short!). Eh...I'm okay with our own tradition and that is anything goes!

Don't take this to mean that I'm a Coach snob now--I only have two Coach purses and it was out of necessity as deemed by my husband. I wear the crap out of my other purses and he wanted me to have a nice day purse that will withstand the wear and tear that I subject my bags to.

The one pictured above is an evening purse; come to think of it, I can't remember when I bought an evening purse for myself. The last evening purse I had (and still use today) was a Kenneth Cole purchased for me by my (then boyfriend, now husband) over four years ago...LOL! (When I buy bags, they are casual day bags or totes.)

We choose Coach not because of the brand name (if I wanted name brand over quality, I'd probably buy the knock-offs which I wouldn't do anyway because I don't care about impressing people; look at my clothes..LOL! I just like nice things whatever it may be). In fact, I use to not understand why Coach purses were so popular and I was somewhat turned off from considering them because it seems every girl had one. But my husband looked at a couple other nicer purses by Louis Vuitton and Dooney and Bourke for my birthday gift and he liked the quality and functionality in the Coach purses better than the rest so that's what he went with. Now that I own a couple, I see now why Coach has become a brand name--because they are built and designed well.

Can I live without Coach purses--you bet; I'm more than happy to get my purses from T.J. Maxx but I won't turn down a Coach bag as a gift, that's for sure!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our 2nd Anniversary

Two years ago today (in fact in this hour), I married my best friend and love of my life. The days since we met have been the best days of my life and I'm looking forward to the many years to come.

To my husband, John: Happy anniversary love!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Dinner at King's Fish House

After a day out on the lake, we needed to some good food in our stomachs. This Sunday evening was special in that we were dining to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. We didn't make any reservations because we sometimes like to fly by the seat of our pants but have the hardest time deciding on where to eat. You would think with all the restaurants in Las Vegas, from mom and pops to high end restaurants, we wouldn't have a problem picking something--but picking a place to eat is a decsion we always struggle with...LOL.

Finally we decided on an old favorite, King's Fish House, where we first went to dinner after my husband's marriage proposal to me. We also met and became good friends with, Jason and Cinzia whom we had dinner with the other night.

Daly at bar

Despite the warm evening, we found the inside of the restaurant to be freezing cold (it seems almost every establishment in Vegas has their air conditionin on overkill so I always carry a sweater). We decided to wait at the bar for a seat on the patio along the palm tree-lined "Main Street" of the District. I ordered a dirty gin martini and my husband, John, went for a Mai Tai.

dirty martiniJohnny at bar

Soon enough, a seat on the patio opened up and we scored a great table alongside the cobblestone walkways of the District. (King's Fish House is just one of the many restaurants located within the District at Green Valley Ranch. A mix of retail shops, restaurants, office space and luxury lofts form the complex. It's a place where you can shop, stop by the bars for a cocktail, relax on one of the park benches, bring your kids or pets to play, or have dinner.)


Surprisingly there was quite a vibrant night-life on a Sunday evening!

Johnny on patio

For dinner I had the cioppinio and John picked the ono with mango salsa, spinach, homemade macaroni and cheese.

Cioppinioono with spinach, mac and cheese

We topped off the night with decaf coffee and creme brulee.

creme brulee

Monday in Vegas

Of course the weather is gorgeous today and I'm working--but at least I get to enjoy the nice weather a bit during my walk to the gym. (Don't misinterpret this to mean I have a problem with being at my job; I just have a problem with Mother Nature and she rubs it in my face when she gets the opportunity like when I get out of the office. Why couldn't she save the nice weather for the weekends instead of the miserable winds we've had weekend after weekend?!)

My sweetheart is off work today and is taking full advantage of the gorgeous rays by going on a long bicycle ride. I'll see about taking next Monday off so we can enjoy the day together.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rough but Tough

11:55 a.m.: It is rough out here but our little boat is tough so we are out on Lake Mead.


Today was breezy and so the water was rough but my husband and I weren't the only ones out there; we saw others underneath a sun umbrella reading books and relaxing.


Since there's nothing we can do about Mother Nature, we made our latest favorite thing to drink, beer with clamato and salt and sat on the beach to have lunch.


I wore my Emerald Beach suit by Malibu Strings and we laid out underneath the sun listening to the tunes on my iPod.


Soon enough, the breeze died down and the water was calmer so we hopped on our boat to head towards the Narrows which leads to the Virgin Basin.


We got in a couple good runs reaching 98 m.p.h. I think when I lose those last five pounds, we may be able to surpass 100 m.p.h. with both of us in the boat...LOL!!

When we had our fun, it was time to head back towards little Sandy Beach but not without a quick stop by Wishing Well. It's a great place to float and seek shelter from the breeze though the air can get too warm and stagnant if you're there for too long so we left soon after.


Little Sandy Beach still had quite a few boaters on it including our friend, Ryan, who came out on his boat. We spent the afternoon chatting with him until it was time to leave.

Coming off the lake was mixed bag of emotions. We were happy to be able to get out on the lake and had a fun relaxing time but the ride back was just rough and so it was frustrating because we couldn't get on plane and end the afternoon on a high note. But there will be plenty of sunny days to come without the breeze we had today so I know there will be many more good boating days to be had.

Now it is time to go home, clean up and find a place to have dinner in celebration of our anniversary.

Oh what fun it is to...

...see our friends again. Whenever we have dinner with our friends, Jason and Cinzia, we're guaranteed to have a good time. How can we not with two of the most laid back, fun loving people we know?

This time we are joined by another friend, Shannon (the photographer of the picture below), at Jason and Cinzia's beautiful home.

Cheers at dinner table

Cinzia made one of my all-time favorite things to eat, LASAGNA, just for me!! Her recipe does not have ricotta but mozzarella instead and she substituted half and half for heavy cream but all I could taste was heaven...(give me a second; I'm revelling in that moment again).

One of their cats, Fluffy, joined us for dinner. Cinzia says (with her Italian accent), Fluffy is everything but fluffy.

LasagnaFluffyDaly gives two thumbs up (I give my two thumbs up!)

Their son, Justin, pulls up a chair next to me at the dinner table after he finished his dinner of dinosaur shaped chicken fingers and ketchup. I was so jealous of his dinner until I saw the lasagna simmering in the oven...LOL!!

Justin and Daly

We were happily stuffed from the truffle stuffed cheese, Caesar salad, and lasagna and so after dinner, we wandered outside for some fresh air. (Did you catch the size of the lasagna serving on my plate?! I nearly ate all of it thus the silly look on my face.)

Johnny loungingDaly lounging

It always helps to stand up and shake the food down...LOL!!

Daly by pool

This evening is a special evening because we were all here to celebrate Jason's birthday.

38 years old

Justin positioned himself to help his dad blow out the candles. (A cute side story about Justin: after giving me a hug, he observingly said, "Why--you have such beautiful nails!" LOL...)

Justin climbing in to bar sinkJustin in the bar sink

After a singing "Happy Birthday Daddy", the candles were blown out.

Blowing out candle

Then we topped off the evening with Tiramis├╣ and Sambuca with floating toasted coffee bean (an Italian aniseed-flavored, colorless liquor that tastes like black licorice), called Sambuca con mosca, literally meaning "Sambuca with flies".

An Italian tradition is to put three coffee beans representing health, wealth, and happiness (though I had heard the mafia served Sambuca with floating coffee beans to someone they were about to kill after they had their drink).

John's TiramisuTiramisu

Luckily Jason and Cinzia are not with the mafia and so we left with our lives, stuffed with delicious foods and happy.

Two Devils
(It looks like John has rabbit ears on Jason but if you look carefully, John's hand is on Jason's shoulder and so Cinzia is behind them giving Jason a prominent devil's horn and John an itty bitty horn with her reach. I ruined this picture because my big fat thumb was partly in the way of the flash.)