Friday, March 14, 2008

Talk About Competition

city written examJust for kicks, I thought I would submit my application for a job opening with the City of Henderson. The benefits were comparable to my current job (depending on how you look at it) , the office location is much closer to home (a big plus for me), and higher pay wouldn't hurt. I actually didn't think I would be contacted for the written examination, a requirement for this job, but I made the cut.

When the day came to take the test, I walked into a convention center full of tons and tons of people. While sitting there for the test to start, I counted the rows...15 along the right of the center aisle and 18 rows along the left aisle with approximately six people sitting across each half of the rows. Since a calculator was not allowed during testing, I did the math on my scratch paper...and came up with 198. Nearly 200 people were there testing for one position! That's competition. The visual had me imagining what it would be like to compete for admission into a graduate program, an endeavor I'm still undecided on pursuing.

Turned out I didn't make it to the next level, the oral review board, as the city was only accepting the top ten scores scoring candidates (and any ties) to proceed (that's about 5% of those who appeared to take the written exam). My Smart Water from Trader Joe's did me a lot of good.

That's okay; I wasn't quite ready to leave my job anyway. The way I see it, when one door closes, another door opens. What I don't do now may end up becoming more significant than what I do.

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