Saturday, March 15, 2008

Synchronize Outlook and Google Calendars

If you're like me, you have several calendars. Calendars for work, for home, personal, work-outs, bills, and committees/groups to which I belong on my PDA/phone (T-Mobile Wing), on my work desktop, my laptop, and on-line at Google Calendar. Whew--it can get complicated and especially tough to synchronize!

This morning, I stumbled upon several ways to synchronize my Outlook Calendar with my Google Calendar through Microsoft Office Online. I can now...
I found that the last option works best for me. I can also decide whether I want a 2-way sync, a 1-way sync: Google Calendar to Outlook, or 1-way: Outlook to Google Calendar, and decide how often to sync.

This is fantastic because when I'm at work, I always have my iGoogle with the Google Calendar widget up on my desktop because, face it, viewing the calendar on my phone does not always give me an easy one-shot view.

So I put the handy-dandy Google Calendar sync to the test entering events in my PDA/phone which syncs with Outlook and then Google Calendar. Then I entered an event into Google Calendar, it synced with Outlook and then my PDA/phone. Shweet!!

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