Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Eager Thumb

I found these red tiger lillies for the house instead of the more common white ones. I think these are a little more exotic and warm. They remind me of watermelons and sunsets instead of snow like the white lillies reminded me of. Flowers help to keep me sane during the winter months.
We also picked up a couple of these potted ... flowers from the home improvement store. I also absentmindedly threw away the care tag that identified the type of plant these were--shoot! So now I'm not sure how often to water these things (I tend to over water or forget to water completely). I guess my brown thumbs got a little eager after I was able to successfully grow out our Chia Pet Turtle, I wanted to try a hand at having potted flowers around the house besides our single cacti.
We will see how long these potted plants last around Oh, and I finally started my herb garden of mint and basil. Right now I'm feeling like the little boy in a book I remember reading as a child called, The Carrot Seed.

My husband's mom, Maggie, tells me the plant above is called, a Kalancho√ę (pronounced "collin-co-wee") and gave me some tips on how to care for it. These plants are a succulent, meaning their fleshy leaves store water, so they don’t like to be over-watered. Therefore, watering once a week should be sufficient. They prefer a soil that drains well, can tolerate a range of light conditions, and prefer temperatures between 50°-70°F making them a perfect indoor plant. I also learned some tips on how to make them bloom again after the flowers die off so I'm looking forward to taking on that challenge--but first, I have to keep them alive...LOL.

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