Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Birthday Dinner at Lawry's

A day shopping with family and touring the Bellagio Botanical Gardens made me pretty hungry and what better to satisfy my appetite than a rare, juicy prime rib from Lawry's, exactly what my husband had planned for later that Saturday night.

We started the evening off with drinks, whiskey and soda for my husband and dirty gin martini for me. The jumbo shrimp cocktail went down great while we waited for dinner. From the dinner menu, we each chose the Lawry Cut (rare for me, medium rare for John), creamed corn, sizzling skillets of shitake, oyster, and button mushrooms, and all that the prime rib dinner included (spinning bowl salad, yorkshire pudding, and mashed potatoes). The wine was an excellent pairing. (Thinking about our meal makes me full already; I ate a bit of everything and was quite stuffed...LOL!!)
A slice of strawberry, cream cheese filling cake topped off our night. We had a great time as we've always had a good meal there; you just can't go wrong with Lawry's.
(Sorry for the late post. I've been busy at work this week but if I don't post, I will forget all that I did because I'm a dork like that.)

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