Sunday, March 30, 2008

Milo's Inn and Orleans Casino

Usually Sundays are our only full day together so my husband and I try to mix a bit of work and play so as to make the most of our day. After house chores, we drove to Boulder City for brunch at one of our favorite places to visit, Milos Inn at Boulder, a Bed & Breakfast and cafe. We prefer to sit outside for a front-seat view of the quaint downtown streets of Boulder City but today was cold and blistery so we sat inside at the bar, something we haven't done before. (I think at Milo's, it's the way to go for the best service. The bartender was attentive with a great personality to boot!)

She suggested we try the Flight Plan, three glasses of 3 oz. pours from any wine on their list. We went for the Chianti, Caposaldo (2005-Italy), Malbec, Alamos (2006-Argentina), and Merlot "The Scooter", Mollydooker (2006-Australia). I wish I could say I'm a wine snob but I'm not--I liked them all so I'm more like...a wine hog. To describe their flavors in Daly-speak, I would say they were mild, spicy, and spicier.
Wine at Milo's Cellar
The wine went great with our lunch. I picked the Polla Bella (grilled chicken breast, portabella mushrooms, baby Swiss, spring mix, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and garlic mayo, served on a Kaiser roll) while my husband went for the Euro (turkey, prosciutto, smoked gouda, sprouts, tomatoes, and garlic mayo served on a croissant). Both really yummy and served with potatoe salad or taro chips on the side, pickles, and fresh, sweet red grapes.
Pollo Bella sandwich
(Polla Bella sandwich)
Euro sandwich
(Euro sandwich)
We left well fed after admiring their "100 bottles of wine under $10 (a bottle)" collection. That little cafe is quite impressive! (I have always wanted to take photos of the inside but some people freak out about are uncomfortable with being in photos no matter how discrete I am in taking photos of the surrounding, being careful not to use annoying flashes, and never singling out any person as my subject. So I don't push my luck to avoid dirty looks but you're welcome to check out the photo gallery for Milo's Cellar; they have better pics than mine anyway.)

After brunch, we drove to my husband's parents' home to check on their kitties once again since they were out of town. (I was actually there yesterday to watch their house and keep the kitties company while laying by the pool drinking some mojitos with some invited girlfriends.)

Then a phone call from a friend I went to college with in CA reminded me that she was in town shooting a commercial at Valley of Fire. She is staying at the Orleans Casino so I had to see her for a little bit for drinks.

Before we met up with Frankie (pictured above) for drinks at the Orleans, my husband and I took a break to drink Clamato beer and watch Will Smith's movie, I Am Legend, . If you haven't seen the movie, it might be worth renting. I have mixed feelings about it but overall, it was entertaining. The idea of being a "sole survivor" in a defunct city is creepy, I love zombie movies (like Resident Evil) even though I do not like thrillers and scary movies in general, and Will Smith was the perfect cast for the role he played. will surely give you better summary and review than I can ... LOL!!
John and Daly at OrleansIt was a good Sunday; I got to hang out with good friends near and far...and best of all, my best friend.

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