Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lake Mead Marina no more

Last Sunday when my husband and I went to Lake Mead to run our boat, he warned me that Lake Mead Marina had changed. Drastically changed as in "there is nothing there but the launch ramp". Nothing and he wasn't kidding.
Nothing prepared me to see the marina in person and, and first, I couldn't believe my eyes. I might as well have stepped into another world, another time. Everything I was familiar with is gone, the slips, the houseboats, sailboats, the marina restaurant and quick-stop mini mart, gas pumps, and I will even bet the big fish that swarm the dock eagerly waiting for popcorn--all had been moved to Heminway Harbor nearby. This desolation is the result of the dwindling water level of the lake. It is just sad to see...I hope this trend doesn't continue.

This is another photo I found from a forum. The arch entrance to the dock was still there at this time as they were moving the boat slips to another marina.

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