Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I am back

Sorry I haven't written in over a week. I caught a nasty cold/flu and spent the last ten days recovering. I was home from work for a week and needless to say, fell off the workout bandwagon. I feel like all the progress I have made in the gym, my strength, endurance, definition, and flexibility, has all gone down the drain. As if I am starting all over from scratch at the gym--like I never went for the past month and a half, trying to get leaner and lose some weight.

I think I have learned a valuable lesson about recovery and that is it's just as important as when I'm working out. I think I burnt myself out, not while I am working out at the gym, but my life around the gym. There was no rest and I felt like I was running on and on and on until I broke down.

When I feel better enough to start working out again, I will make sure to try and keep my life simple so I don't break down and catch that awful nasty cold/flu again!

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