Friday, March 14, 2008

Havi on Boat

Earlier in the week, I posted about a streak of bad luck with my car and our boat. I scraped one of the wheels on my car twice in one day and something went terribly wrong with the engine on our boat during a run out on the lake.

So after we garaged the boat, someone thought she'd show a little TLC to let the boat know it will be okay. (Havi had been doing this for some time, I had to run and get my phone and capture her through video after I couldn't get a non-blurry still shot.)

We just got the boat last year at the end of August. It's brand new and has only 19 hours on it so it's too soon to have any major mechanical problems. Turns out the oil seal on the engine was loose so it had been leaking oil during the run(s) and then the engine just gave out. The damage was actually done in the lower unit of the engine but the good news is it's being replaced under warranty. Whew!


levian said...

haha. havi is so cute !! :D
are you interested in exchanging links ?? ;)

Daly said...

Thank you, we love her. :)

Sure, I'd love to exchange links! You have such a cut blog. I put a link to your site along my sidebar. Thanks. =)