Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Lake Day

My posts on Bellagio and dinner at Lawry's last night will have to take a back seat because we are going to the lake. It's too nice of a day not to run the boat! (We got it back from the shop last week with its new engine.) Have a happy Easter!

SIGH...I had a hunch that something wouldn't go right and so when the boat wouldn't fire up or stay in gear, I wasn't upset; just disappointed.

My husband, on the other hand was absolutely (and understandably) livid. I have not seen him so angry in so long. He was beyond excited (as I was) about going out on the lake, giving up a chance to go on a long bike ride, and now we're back at home. He's washing the boat, I'm outside with my laptop, we're both drinking Miller Chill. Nothing we can do about the state of the boat, right?

The day can't be more perfect but it's nearly 1 p.m., we're not out on the lake, my husband didn't get a chance to ride his bike, and we have an inoperable boat--damn right, he has very good reasons to be upset (and I hope he gives the repair shop a good chewing.)

We think all the shop did was replace the lower unit of the engine and most likely didn't test it because if they did, they would have discovered that the engine beep runs on and on instead of turning off after a few seconds, and gasp--it doesn't even go into gear so how is the boat suppose to move across the water? I want to note that the shop is not the one in Lake Havasu (they did a fantastic job) but a local shop who already had a reputation for being incompetent but it was convenient for us since we just brought it back from Havasu a week earlier.

Okay, no more whining. The day is not over yet. We're heading to my husband's parents to join them, aunt Jan, and Grandma by the pool for some drinks before we have Easter dinner together! The best part is I already have my sunscreen and suit on so I'm all ready to go!


Rose DesRochers said...

You won't catch me on he lake up here in Canada. Too cold. lol

Daly said...

It...does...get Canada, doesn't it...? I've only been to Vancouver/Victoria area and I remember it was hot but that was in the middle of summer. Another time it was November and it was cool and damp...LOL!! Is the water cold year round?