Monday, March 10, 2008

Gotta Have My Oysters

Since Sundays are usually our only day together, my husband and I like to go out for lunch after we run errands and finish up house chores. One of our favorite places to go is the Oyster Bar located within a local casino nearby. We love oysters, not fried or battered, but raw oysters and if it means anything, my sister from Minnesota goes to the same restaurant every time she visits Las Vegas no matter where she is staying.

When I first tasted raw oysters, it was at a restaurant right on the wharf in Seattle, WA. Oysters were harvested and served daily and O.M.G. when that oyster first touched my lips, it was an experience which converted me an oyster lover for life! A squeeze of lemon, a dash of salt and pepper, and a splash of hot sauce made the perfect raw oyster shooter for me!

One thing I didn't think much about until now was how the oysters got to our table (all the way to Vegas) and we've been able to consume the fresh, raw morsels without worries of getting sick. Gulf oysters has processes that reduces the risks for "at-risk" consumers like us (who eat oysters raw). Processes such as freezing oysters to extend shelf life, heat-cool pasteurization, and high pressurization. You can check out the details about the post-harvest processes here:

Like would say, be informed, cautious, smart, sure when eating oysters. Be sure to check out the website for some invaluable information. Knowing what we now know (say that ten times faster), we will enjoy eating the next dozen raw oysters that much more!

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