Monday, March 10, 2008

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

The Good
It's Monday after Daylight Saving Time and I LOVED getting off work when there's still daylight left.

The Bad
I severely scraped the wheels on my car. Not once but twice this morning. Aargh! I mean--come the hell did I do that?!? (I know, I still can't believe I did it.)

The Ugly
The engine on our boat is busted. My husband took the boat out today for a run. While he was speeding along, something went wrong with the gear, and grinding noises ensued. He was fortunate to be a few minutes from the nearest marina when it happened and that our friends were out on the lake with their boat to help him get to his truck (which was at another, farther marina). [Side note: I couldn't leave work because I was training a work study student that started today in our office so I am grateful to our friends for giving my husband a lift. He would have been stranded out there at the marina until I could drive out there.]

The Scary
The wheels were installed on my car one day before our boat arrived from the builder. I scraped the wheels just hours before the boat engine up and died. Eerie...

I hope tomorrow is a better day. It has to be because today was pretty ugly.

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