Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Sunday and My Birthday

Last Sunday afternoon, my husband and I relaxed by his parents pool after we had trouble launching our boat at the lake. Plan B worked out better since aunt Jan and grandma Nancy were in town visiting for Easter weekend so we got to spend more time with them by the pool.


There are no bad cooks on my husband's side of the family. Aunt Jan has gone to a culinary cooking school but during that time, female chefs weren't accepted like they are today. She made these delicious shrimp skewers for the appetizer. I don't remember exactly what was in them but I recall lemon juice, lime rinds, honey, and ginger (I think)...I could be wrong. We also had grilled cheese and salsa quesadillas.

Shrimp skewers

I got this dress several months ago and Easter Sunday was warm enough and the perfect occasion for wearing it. My husband helped me tie the bow in the back...he's pretty talented!

Daly Dress_FrontDaly Dress_Back

Johnny and Daly

The gang: Maggie, Jan, Nancy, Chuck, and Dottie...but John is no where to be found (I think he was grilling the shrimp).

Family and friends

My birthday landed on Easter this year so it was an Easter/birthday celebration. I got a bottle of Bombay gin from Chuck and Dottie, silver antique candlesticks hand polished by Maggie herself and a Vera Wang "Antibes" Fine Bone China 5-piece table setting from John and Maggie. Aunt Jan and Grandma also gave me another set so now we have enough to serve five. I have been looking for a nice pair of candlesticks and these couldn't have been more perfect! Then it dawned on me that I could easily set up a nice dinner for two with what I had on my lap...LOL.


Chuck and Dottie share the same wedding anniversary as us. They are one of the sweetest people we know. Chuck has many stories to share from the early days and listening to him makes us feel like we were right there in person. He's also a talented singer and tells his tales in songs.
Nancy John MaggieChuck and Dottie

(We are never serious at dinner.)


On the menu...warm pear and pecan salad, beef tri-tip, asparagus, corn casserole, and several desserts. (I somehow missed taking photos of my dinner...I'm so bummed.)

Pear SaladDessertFruit pie

Jan and Bindy

Bindy Sue and Yazzie provided the entertainment...some kitty wrestling! They are so cute.

Bindy and YazzieBindy and Yazzie

So that was my Easter/birthday celebration. The entire week of my birthday was especially nice. I was showered with cards and calls from friends and family. My niece called and sang the birthday song to me (her mom, my sister, sent a nice set of kitchen sheers), Annejelynn and her family sang happy birthday to me in harmony (I loved it! It's saved on my voicemail for as long as the server will allow.) I am so lucky to have such good, loving, generous, caring people in my life!

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Annejelynn said...

how did I miss this post? That dress is freakin' adorable with a nyce lil' prim 'hot' factor goin! I love it!