Sunday, March 02, 2008

Channel in Lake Havasu

the channelIt's a beautiful day at the channel in Lake Havasu. We picked up our boat from the shop, had lunch at Barley Brothers Grill, and the water is just beautiful so we are going to drop in the boat!

~-.-~Recap of Our Day~-.-~

The channel was pretty quiet. Perhaps because it was a Sunday. The sun was out but it was a little breezy and chilly with the wind factor. Still the view was beautiful except for a huge ugly sign recently installed, a reminder about breaking the law and going to jail for public nudity-lewd behavior, underage consumption of alcohol, and fighting-disorderly conduct. (My husband narrowly escaped going to jail for exhibiting lewd behavior.)

[There was also a warning about the dangers of breathing exhaust fumes from boat engines because adults and children have died from breathing lethal amounts of carbon monoxide while their boat was parked for hours and hours in the channel. People don't have the common sense to keep their kids (or themselves) from playing all day next to the exhaust of a running boat in the dirty, stagnant oily water that accumulates in the channel. Uh...hello . Obviously some did not so the city thought it was necessary to put up that sign. I'm surprised all other warnings about the dangers of boating wasn't listed either.]
We decided to have lunch at Barley Brothers Grill for a view of the channel. The restaurant has this delicious, refreshing tripleberry wheat beer. It was so good! (You can take home a half gallon or full gallon of the fresh brewed beer to enjoy at home too.) Johnny had his favorite grilled chicken club sandwich.
I decided to try the grilled salmon cobb salad instead of my usual favorite, the cajon seafood salad. As always their food is just delicious.

We chatted and watched the water...longing to be on it ourselves. By the time our lunch was over, the wind had died down. We could not resist dumping the boat in for a short run. Why not?! We were right there! It was the perfect day to speed around the lake. We had the wide open waters to ourselves and hit 100 m.p.h. easily! After we sped around the lake, we parked in the channel to nap on the bow and feed the ducks. Then we took the boat for another run before it was time to head for home.

I loved that the launch ramp was dead. It was so quiet and serene around us and I didn't have the pressure to back down the trailer within the lines like when it is crowded.
It couldn't have been a better day (and I'm glad I'm feeling better from the nasty bugs to enjoy this day)! It's the first weekend of March and we can already feel summer coming.

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johnny said...

What an awesome day we had. Can't wait to do it again.