Monday, March 24, 2008

4 Questions - 4 Answers

I was tagged by Corrin to answer a meme, 4 questions - 4 answers, so here I go:

4 Jobs I’ve Had (for fun, I thought I'd list four of my earliest jobs since most of my friends know about the recent positions I've held):
  • Scale Clerk (Lamb-Weston potato factory)
  • Title Clerk (some title insurance company)
  • Front Counter Clerk (Round Table Pizza)
  • Acquisitions Coordinator (defunct mortgage company - Metropolitan Mortgage and Securities Company)
4 Shows on my Tivo (or DVR if that’s what you have):

We don't have either (LOL) but if we did, I would pick...
  • CSI Miami
  • Food Network
  • Travel Channel
  • Uhm...I don't watch that much t.v. but if I have to pick a fourth, I would choose that comedy show called, Men, with Charlie Sheen.
4 Places I’ve Been (I don't know if Laos, Thailand, or the Philippines count since I was born and partly raised there but I've listed places visited by choice):
  • Staten Island, New York
  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Victoria, Canada
Favorite Foods:
  • Jerky, jerky, jerky
  • Italian food--especially lasagna
  • Seafood
  • Thai food--especially papaya salad and squid salad
4 CDs recently listened to:
  • Behind the Sun - Chicane
  • L.E.F. - Ferry Corsten
  • URB CD Sampler v. 22 (collection of various artists)
  • Heaven - DJ Sammy
4 Things You Can Do To Make My Day:
  • Cook for me
  • Give me flowers
  • Paint my toenails
  • Read me a bed time story
4 People I Tag (no pressure but it could end up being a lot of fun!):

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