Sunday, March 30, 2008

Milo's Inn and Orleans Casino

Usually Sundays are our only full day together so my husband and I try to mix a bit of work and play so as to make the most of our day. After house chores, we drove to Boulder City for brunch at one of our favorite places to visit, Milos Inn at Boulder, a Bed & Breakfast and cafe. We prefer to sit outside for a front-seat view of the quaint downtown streets of Boulder City but today was cold and blistery so we sat inside at the bar, something we haven't done before. (I think at Milo's, it's the way to go for the best service. The bartender was attentive with a great personality to boot!)

She suggested we try the Flight Plan, three glasses of 3 oz. pours from any wine on their list. We went for the Chianti, Caposaldo (2005-Italy), Malbec, Alamos (2006-Argentina), and Merlot "The Scooter", Mollydooker (2006-Australia). I wish I could say I'm a wine snob but I'm not--I liked them all so I'm more like...a wine hog. To describe their flavors in Daly-speak, I would say they were mild, spicy, and spicier.
Wine at Milo's Cellar
The wine went great with our lunch. I picked the Polla Bella (grilled chicken breast, portabella mushrooms, baby Swiss, spring mix, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and garlic mayo, served on a Kaiser roll) while my husband went for the Euro (turkey, prosciutto, smoked gouda, sprouts, tomatoes, and garlic mayo served on a croissant). Both really yummy and served with potatoe salad or taro chips on the side, pickles, and fresh, sweet red grapes.
Pollo Bella sandwich
(Polla Bella sandwich)
Euro sandwich
(Euro sandwich)
We left well fed after admiring their "100 bottles of wine under $10 (a bottle)" collection. That little cafe is quite impressive! (I have always wanted to take photos of the inside but some people freak out about are uncomfortable with being in photos no matter how discrete I am in taking photos of the surrounding, being careful not to use annoying flashes, and never singling out any person as my subject. So I don't push my luck to avoid dirty looks but you're welcome to check out the photo gallery for Milo's Cellar; they have better pics than mine anyway.)

After brunch, we drove to my husband's parents' home to check on their kitties once again since they were out of town. (I was actually there yesterday to watch their house and keep the kitties company while laying by the pool drinking some mojitos with some invited girlfriends.)

Then a phone call from a friend I went to college with in CA reminded me that she was in town shooting a commercial at Valley of Fire. She is staying at the Orleans Casino so I had to see her for a little bit for drinks.

Before we met up with Frankie (pictured above) for drinks at the Orleans, my husband and I took a break to drink Clamato beer and watch Will Smith's movie, I Am Legend, . If you haven't seen the movie, it might be worth renting. I have mixed feelings about it but overall, it was entertaining. The idea of being a "sole survivor" in a defunct city is creepy, I love zombie movies (like Resident Evil) even though I do not like thrillers and scary movies in general, and Will Smith was the perfect cast for the role he played. will surely give you better summary and review than I can ... LOL!!
John and Daly at OrleansIt was a good Sunday; I got to hang out with good friends near and far...and best of all, my best friend.

Easter Sunday and My Birthday

Last Sunday afternoon, my husband and I relaxed by his parents pool after we had trouble launching our boat at the lake. Plan B worked out better since aunt Jan and grandma Nancy were in town visiting for Easter weekend so we got to spend more time with them by the pool.


There are no bad cooks on my husband's side of the family. Aunt Jan has gone to a culinary cooking school but during that time, female chefs weren't accepted like they are today. She made these delicious shrimp skewers for the appetizer. I don't remember exactly what was in them but I recall lemon juice, lime rinds, honey, and ginger (I think)...I could be wrong. We also had grilled cheese and salsa quesadillas.

Shrimp skewers

I got this dress several months ago and Easter Sunday was warm enough and the perfect occasion for wearing it. My husband helped me tie the bow in the back...he's pretty talented!

Daly Dress_FrontDaly Dress_Back

Johnny and Daly

The gang: Maggie, Jan, Nancy, Chuck, and Dottie...but John is no where to be found (I think he was grilling the shrimp).

Family and friends

My birthday landed on Easter this year so it was an Easter/birthday celebration. I got a bottle of Bombay gin from Chuck and Dottie, silver antique candlesticks hand polished by Maggie herself and a Vera Wang "Antibes" Fine Bone China 5-piece table setting from John and Maggie. Aunt Jan and Grandma also gave me another set so now we have enough to serve five. I have been looking for a nice pair of candlesticks and these couldn't have been more perfect! Then it dawned on me that I could easily set up a nice dinner for two with what I had on my lap...LOL.


Chuck and Dottie share the same wedding anniversary as us. They are one of the sweetest people we know. Chuck has many stories to share from the early days and listening to him makes us feel like we were right there in person. He's also a talented singer and tells his tales in songs.
Nancy John MaggieChuck and Dottie

(We are never serious at dinner.)


On the menu...warm pear and pecan salad, beef tri-tip, asparagus, corn casserole, and several desserts. (I somehow missed taking photos of my dinner...I'm so bummed.)

Pear SaladDessertFruit pie

Jan and Bindy

Bindy Sue and Yazzie provided the entertainment...some kitty wrestling! They are so cute.

Bindy and YazzieBindy and Yazzie

So that was my Easter/birthday celebration. The entire week of my birthday was especially nice. I was showered with cards and calls from friends and family. My niece called and sang the birthday song to me (her mom, my sister, sent a nice set of kitchen sheers), Annejelynn and her family sang happy birthday to me in harmony (I loved it! It's saved on my voicemail for as long as the server will allow.) I am so lucky to have such good, loving, generous, caring people in my life!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lake Mead Marina no more

Last Sunday when my husband and I went to Lake Mead to run our boat, he warned me that Lake Mead Marina had changed. Drastically changed as in "there is nothing there but the launch ramp". Nothing and he wasn't kidding.
Nothing prepared me to see the marina in person and, and first, I couldn't believe my eyes. I might as well have stepped into another world, another time. Everything I was familiar with is gone, the slips, the houseboats, sailboats, the marina restaurant and quick-stop mini mart, gas pumps, and I will even bet the big fish that swarm the dock eagerly waiting for popcorn--all had been moved to Heminway Harbor nearby. This desolation is the result of the dwindling water level of the lake. It is just sad to see...I hope this trend doesn't continue.

This is another photo I found from a forum. The arch entrance to the dock was still there at this time as they were moving the boat slips to another marina.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Birthday Dinner at Lawry's

A day shopping with family and touring the Bellagio Botanical Gardens made me pretty hungry and what better to satisfy my appetite than a rare, juicy prime rib from Lawry's, exactly what my husband had planned for later that Saturday night.

We started the evening off with drinks, whiskey and soda for my husband and dirty gin martini for me. The jumbo shrimp cocktail went down great while we waited for dinner. From the dinner menu, we each chose the Lawry Cut (rare for me, medium rare for John), creamed corn, sizzling skillets of shitake, oyster, and button mushrooms, and all that the prime rib dinner included (spinning bowl salad, yorkshire pudding, and mashed potatoes). The wine was an excellent pairing. (Thinking about our meal makes me full already; I ate a bit of everything and was quite stuffed...LOL!!)
A slice of strawberry, cream cheese filling cake topped off our night. We had a great time as we've always had a good meal there; you just can't go wrong with Lawry's.
(Sorry for the late post. I've been busy at work this week but if I don't post, I will forget all that I did because I'm a dork like that.)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bellagio Botanical Gardens Spring Display

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden is currently having their "Spring Celebration Show" on display through May 11. After enjoying lunch at Bahama Breeze with (my husband's mom), Maggie, (aunt) Jan, and (grandma) Nancy, we made our way to the Italian themed casino to admire the spring display.Before I could see the garden display, I could smell the scent of Easter Lillies and hyacinths wafting through the air.

Though we visited the garden this past Saturday, March 22, not everything was in bloom yet; an indication that the display must be relatively pretty new.
I love Mr. Tree...I wonder who they modeled him after?
So many flowers all around us. I wish I could take them all home!
As usual, everything was larger than life, from the hand-painted parasols to the creatures in the garden. The red shell ladybug is made up of 1,300 roses!
I thought these watering cans were neat, sprinkling water onto the garden.

Afterwards, we went to visit the world's largest chocolate fountain. More photos here on Flickr. Then our beautiful day came to a closure as we parted and I went home to get ready for dinner at Lawry's with my sweetheart.

Tanita Scale with Body Fat Monitor

I found a scale with body fat monitor by Tanita, the first company to design and manufacture body fat monitoring scales for in-home use, at Circuit City for $37.99 (they offer free shipping for orders over $24.00). The scale is suppose to measure weight, percentage of body fat and hydration accurately. Some details below...

The Features:
  • Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Body Water %
  • 2 person memory
  • Weight and body fat % recall
The Specs:
  • Capacity: 330 lb (150 kg)
  • Weight Increments: 0.2 lb (0.1 kg)
  • Body Fat Increments: 0.1 %
  • Body Water Increments: 0.1 %
  • Modes: Adult, Child, Weight Only, Guest
  • Power: 4 x AA batteries (included)

Stay tuned! I'll give you the scoop when I receive the scale and let you know how accurate it is. I've had my body fat measured by the traditional method of a measuring tape and calipers and I have also had my body fat measured by a professional equipment (using bioelectrical impedance) at the gym.

Monday, March 24, 2008

4 Questions - 4 Answers

I was tagged by Corrin to answer a meme, 4 questions - 4 answers, so here I go:

4 Jobs I’ve Had (for fun, I thought I'd list four of my earliest jobs since most of my friends know about the recent positions I've held):
  • Scale Clerk (Lamb-Weston potato factory)
  • Title Clerk (some title insurance company)
  • Front Counter Clerk (Round Table Pizza)
  • Acquisitions Coordinator (defunct mortgage company - Metropolitan Mortgage and Securities Company)
4 Shows on my Tivo (or DVR if that’s what you have):

We don't have either (LOL) but if we did, I would pick...
  • CSI Miami
  • Food Network
  • Travel Channel
  • Uhm...I don't watch that much t.v. but if I have to pick a fourth, I would choose that comedy show called, Men, with Charlie Sheen.
4 Places I’ve Been (I don't know if Laos, Thailand, or the Philippines count since I was born and partly raised there but I've listed places visited by choice):
  • Staten Island, New York
  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Victoria, Canada
Favorite Foods:
  • Jerky, jerky, jerky
  • Italian food--especially lasagna
  • Seafood
  • Thai food--especially papaya salad and squid salad
4 CDs recently listened to:
  • Behind the Sun - Chicane
  • L.E.F. - Ferry Corsten
  • URB CD Sampler v. 22 (collection of various artists)
  • Heaven - DJ Sammy
4 Things You Can Do To Make My Day:
  • Cook for me
  • Give me flowers
  • Paint my toenails
  • Read me a bed time story
4 People I Tag (no pressure but it could end up being a lot of fun!):

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Lake Day

My posts on Bellagio and dinner at Lawry's last night will have to take a back seat because we are going to the lake. It's too nice of a day not to run the boat! (We got it back from the shop last week with its new engine.) Have a happy Easter!

SIGH...I had a hunch that something wouldn't go right and so when the boat wouldn't fire up or stay in gear, I wasn't upset; just disappointed.

My husband, on the other hand was absolutely (and understandably) livid. I have not seen him so angry in so long. He was beyond excited (as I was) about going out on the lake, giving up a chance to go on a long bike ride, and now we're back at home. He's washing the boat, I'm outside with my laptop, we're both drinking Miller Chill. Nothing we can do about the state of the boat, right?

The day can't be more perfect but it's nearly 1 p.m., we're not out on the lake, my husband didn't get a chance to ride his bike, and we have an inoperable boat--damn right, he has very good reasons to be upset (and I hope he gives the repair shop a good chewing.)

We think all the shop did was replace the lower unit of the engine and most likely didn't test it because if they did, they would have discovered that the engine beep runs on and on instead of turning off after a few seconds, and gasp--it doesn't even go into gear so how is the boat suppose to move across the water? I want to note that the shop is not the one in Lake Havasu (they did a fantastic job) but a local shop who already had a reputation for being incompetent but it was convenient for us since we just brought it back from Havasu a week earlier.

Okay, no more whining. The day is not over yet. We're heading to my husband's parents to join them, aunt Jan, and Grandma by the pool for some drinks before we have Easter dinner together! The best part is I already have my sunscreen and suit on so I'm all ready to go!

Shopping and Bahama Breeze

Aunt Jan and Grandma are in town for Easter weekend and it's our tradition to go shopping in search of a new dress for Easter. So early Saturday morning, Maggie, aunt Jan, and Nancy (Grandma) picked me up at my house and off to the stores we went. After a couple shops, we really didn't find anything we particularly liked but more importantly, we were hungry and very thirsty.
As soon as our parched lips touched a Pineapple Mojito and Bahamarita (pictured above), a frozen margarita with Cuervo Gold Tequila and real kiwi, mango and strawberry ices, we were satisfied and ready to settle down for lunch at Bahama Breeze. (If you are looking for something refreshing to drink that is non-alcoholic, I suggest the Lemon Breeze which is lemonade made with fresh-squeezed sugar cane juice.)

[Pineapple Mojito: crushed spearmint, fresh lime, pineapple juice, fresh-squeezed sugar cane and Bacardi Light Rum; garnished with a stick of sugar cane.]
The day was perfectly sunny so we sat on the patio of Bahama Breeze on Flamingo Boulevard just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. I've been to Bahama Breeze several times and love the look of the restaurant which resembles a sugar cane factory. The inside of the restaurant has a tropical feel with colorful fans, palm trees, bamboo, and an super high sky-lit ceiling with music from the islands of the Caribbean to get you moving.
Not in the mood to eat their generous helping of lunch entrées , we ordered appetizers to nibble on. Their thick-cut, coconut-breaded Island Onion Rings served with chili-horseradish and citrus mustard dipping sauces...
One of my favorite must-haves every time I go to Bahama Breeze: habañero wings tossed in a spicy habañero pepper barbecue sauce. Our waitress even brought us some kickin' hot sauce for an added splash of fire and flavor!
Then we had Fire-Roasted Jerk shrimp simmered in garlic-thyme butter with warm Cuban break for dunking.

Properly fed, we head towards the Bellagio Botanical Gardens to admire the spring display...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lemon Drop

Thank you, Andrea, for the Lemon Drop Mix and sugar. We tried it tonight and Mmm, Mmm, Mmm...we are at a lost for words.

The recipe called for 2 parts lemon drop mix, 1 part vodka, and plenty of ice in a shaker but I added 1/2 part more vodka, 1 part club soda, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice (approximately 1 tsp.) Aaahhh...

WOW. Very tasty. Too easy to drink...LOL!!!
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Optic Signature Carly Coach

I never thought I would ever own a Coach® handbag. Not because they lack beauty or quality workmanship but I could never see myself spending more than forty dollars on a purse let alone hundreds (my perspective on computer bags is different however).

Would I like to have a really nice purse, of course! It's an inherent part of being female but I've managed to stay away from the Coach® counters or even touching one of those bags for fear that it would adhere to my fingers and then I'd have to bring it home (oh, darn). I've never splurged on a purse because I can't help but think of the opportunity costs: almost two car payments, a desktop PC, a phat 2TB USB hard drive, and LOTS and LOTS of beef jerky!

Leave it to the husband to buy things that I would never buy for myself. Last night, he let me open my birthday gift early and I found myself a bashful but joyful new owner of this...
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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Photos of my niece, Caelia, taken at the end of January (I believe) by her mother.
Caelia will be three next month and she already knows what kind of dress she wants to wear for her "bur-day pawe-ty".
Perhaps I need to call her for advice on what to wear for my birthday party this weekend.
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