Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weird Weather in Vegas

We've had sunny days for almost a week. I was hopeful but skeptical that summer would soon be on its way. Today started out nice and sunny with temperatures in the low 70s but then around noon, the winds began. As I drove home, the sky was gray with low hanging dark clouds as if a storm was coming in. (It reminded me of when my family and I lived in the Philippines and a hurricane came through.) The wind is blowing at 28 mph and there is potential for wind gusts at 50 mph until tomorrow morning according to the local news.

Wind is such a pain because things get blown around, especially in Vegas where there's still a lot of dust from all the construction going on around the city. High winds can be dangerous for high profile vehicles on the freeway. When we left CA from spending Christmas with our family, we saw two overturned trucks on the highway! Semi-trucks, vehicles towing trailers, and RVs were forced to pull over until the winds passed.

overturned truckoverturned vehicle

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