Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warm Weather

The weather today was absolutely beautiful. Though I stayed home all day, I did not once go outside but I did open the windows and patio doors of our house. The cats enjoyed the fresh air and listening to the chirping of the birds.

Savoring the fresh air was not a treat I could enjoy peacefully. When I try to take a deep breath, all I get is a fit of coughs until I gag. My chest congestion is trying to clear but I am grateful my throat and ear pain is gone because all that together would hurt like a mother bear.

SIGH ... summer is almost here. I say "summer" because there really isn't a spring season in Vegas. Either that or I just don't notice because all I'm looking forward to is shedding layers from my clothing and feeling the warm sun against my bare skin. When it's bright and sunny every day...and everything including the air is dry...and winter feels like light years away.

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